A few old ?'s on target shootin'

Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by Big LB, Nov 25, 2007.

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    I have been around target archery for a long time, but am returning after a long break of 7 years. I got my wife and I into a Tuesday night league here in Minnesota ..... but I have been having some problems ever since returning. It seems some of my equipment doesn't like me anymore.

    1. My scope has been falling off my bow ..... almost every round. The 10/32" threaded rod simply vibrates in half. I had the problem years ago when the rods were 8/32" but my fix was the larger rod. After I went to the larger rod I fixed the problem. I ordered this scope http://www.extremearchery.com/cart/agora.cgi?p_id=X3D-FP&xm=on which has a lifetime warranty on the threads against breakage, but can't track it and find out where it is. The E-mail they sent me does not have any tracking info. on it and it doesn't say it has been shipped or anything. I placed the order on 11-17 at 12:23PM.

    I also was having a problem with my scope slowly twisting on me as I was shooting, from vibration. The sight I have been using is a Chek-it 9000 which is fairly old so I ordered a SureLok from obsession archery ... and again, in the E-mail they sent me there isn't any way to track the order to see when it will get to me.

    I would try and take some pictures and post them up but the last time I tried to do that I failed. :mad: :frusty: :( :confused: :noidea: If anyone could tell me how I would appreciate it.