A little trick for those with sweaty feet while hunting or anytime for that matter..

Discussion in 'Bowhunting forum' started by Southernfryedyankee, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. Southernfryedyankee

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    What I do to solve my problem of sweaty feet is use Arm and Hammer baking soda in my boots. I have been doing this the last 3 years and I havent had a problem with my feet yet . Baking soda is oderless plus it absorbs odor and moisture incredibly which makes it a killer combo. Use it GENEROUSLY and hunt comfy.:peace:
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  2. lungcutter

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    My feet still sweat but they don't stink. Just make sure that you don't react to the baking soda. My feet don't mind, but the rest of my body doesn't like direct contack with it. (HUGE RASH):lol: :noidea:

  3. IAHunter11

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    Hunters Specailties has a foot powder that i like to use. I put it in my boots and on my feet seems to work good for me.. baking soda is a great idea thought probably cheaper too.