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  1. Well, I finally made the plunge and bought a new Mathews Switchback bow and all the goodies that come with it (sights, Mathews Quiver, RedHead arrows, and Stabilizer). We won't talk about what the total price was (broke the bank). Anyway everyone, it has been over 25 years since I last went bow hunting for deer (My first bow was a Jennings). I need some advice. Do I need to get a deer call? I saw one relatively cheat. Do they really work? Also, treestand or on the ground for hunting? Also, is it advisable to walk around when bow hunting? If anyone can give me any good advice I would be very grateful. Also, if I get a deer, it will be my first ever. Do I really need to wear everything in camo or can I wear a pair of jeans with a camo jacket and hat?

    Thanks and God Bless:peace:

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    welcome back

    glad to hear you decided to take up bowhunting again.:welcome:

    i would recommend at least a grunt tube. it wouldnt have to be anything special, but they really do work oftentimes, its like anything else, it wont work everytime, but they are definitely worth the investment.

    I also recommend hunting from a treestand. the deer are far less likely to see you, but i also hunt on the ground occasionally and as long as you're careful about movement and camoflage, you'll probably be fine. if you do hunt from the ground, i would highly suggest full camo from head to toe. Even in a tree, full camo is the best way to go. You don't necessarily need the most expensive scent eliminating carbon camo on the market, i just use camo jeans, jacket, gloves, hat and facemask, all of which can be found at walmart or some similar store. as long as you learn to hunt only when the wind is right, youll be just fine.

    I think you'll have much better luck if you find a place and stay there than if you try to walk around. more times than not, it doesn't turn out so well. Thats been my experience anyway.

    I hope this info helps. have a safe and successful season!

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    Hi, Your gonna love it this time as there are many more deers to shoot at now. camo it is a must,Head to toe as stated. I also have found a wonderful product that eliminates the UV that shine like a florecent light to deer that are put in clothing to make them attractive to us. It is call uv Killer by astko they also make a uv free scent free wash for cloths. I have been using this stuff for 3 years now and I get closer and see more and bigger deers. It really works. A treestand will definatly come in handy, but you still need to sit still for the spooky ol does and bigger bucks will stand afar and watch for movement in the trees as they have been the target of a few bowhunters that were not to sucessful. Good Hunting and God Bless, Holy Smokes :welcome:
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    I just got back into bowhunting after quitting when I got out of high school to go to college. It's been about 17 years for me.

    The biggest thing I would recommend is taking it slow on how much you shoot. If you're like me and not in the best shape, shooting bow can really mess with your shoulder. I had forgotten how much I loved to shoot and practiced too much at too much weight. I'm still recovering.

    Looks like you got setup with a great bow and accessories. I wouldn't recommend a deer call at this time. From my research they are very specific to certain times and situations. I think the best thing you can do is learn about the area you are hunting in to find the best ambush points.

    I would recommend a tree stand. A guy at work is somewhat mentoring me and suggested the one at Dick's that typically is on sale for $29.99. It comes with a safety strap. It was easy to install, is solid, and most importantly doesn't squeak. I also bought a set of the climbing sticks on sale for $29.99. If you use the coupon in the free hunting guide that you get from the state you get $10 off any purchase of $50 or more from Dick's. So you can have a treestand and climbing sticks for $50. Not bad huh.

    I really liked the climbing sticks. They're quick and easy to setup and give you a lot of hand holds to climb with. I really like when I'm climbing out in the dark. You don't have to worry about finding the next step. You just run your foot down the center piece until it hits the next step. The only negative is that they are heavier and bulkier than screw-in steps but I think the advantages easily overcome this.

    As far as camo, I bought a shirt and pants from Walmart. Honestly though and I'm sure some will disagree, a treestand really helps with the deer not seeing you. I recently was in the stand thinking the deer would come from the woods across the field from me. Nothing was happening so I loudly stood up and began stretching. I heard a noise behind me that I thought was a squirrel. I finally looked around to see an eight pointer walking under my stand 12 feet away. He never noticed me. That made me a true believer in treestands.

    Hope all that might help some.

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    Straightandtrue67, welcome to the forum. :welcome: Congrats on the new bow I think you made a great choice. As for the deer call I use a grunt tube which can easily be turned into a doe bleat with a simple sliding of an O-ring. I enjoy ground blinds the most I think it is a little more difficult but that is why I enjoy it so much more than a treestand. Although I believe treestands are great and are probably the most widely used method for hunting whitetails around here. As for camo I believe in full body camo pants,shirt or jacket,hat,facemask,gloves,boots. I think blue jeans will work fine but the solid pattern of jeans will make you stick out a little more. Number one thing I think is scent control it is much easier to fool a deers eyes and ears than his nose. I hope this helps you out a little. Good luck to ya and enjoy the outdoors its getting harder and harder to find places to hunt and fish in this country.

    gamegeeky, that 8-pointer must have been blind, and deaf.:laugh: Lucky for you there was no doe with him yet. They are the hard ones to fool. :peace: