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  1. I am shooting a lot of different bow/arrow combinations these days and am trying to figure out which of the numerous different fletching jigs everyone recommends. i need one that will fletch straight, right, and left. and also want one that is simple to use. any info would be greatly appreciated.

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    the Dial-a-Fletch fletchmaster by Bitzenburger is the best one made as far as being able to do it all w/one jig I have a set (6) and each one is set up a little different for the different arrows that I make up for myself and others.

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    I would suggest the BPE Pro Series. It is about $39 and you can buy all of the clamps for $10 each. I have been using mine for 10 years now. It is a great product. It can fletch 3 up to 6 fletchings. Affordable and Great.
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    depends on what you want...

    I look for Quality, Benefit and then price. I currently own 21 Bitzenburg's. They are pricy, running around $60 a piece. I chose them because of the strong magnet and their quality, price is usually far down the list for me, but you have to decide whats important to you. Another example is powder puff smoke vs Windtracker. Puff of smoke will show me a few feet in front of my stand, where the windtracker can show you 20 yards or more, major benefit to me, plus the rubber outside, yet just a little more expensive. What do you want in a product?
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    Bitz is the best, hands down, regardless of the cost. When you buy one you get a clamp of your choice. All you need to buy is the other two calmps and you are set up for as long as you live. There really is no way to wear one out. Total cost with all clamps should be right around $100.

    And if you are on a bit of a budget there is nothing wrong with a used one. As I said, you can't wear it out.