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  1. I am shooting an '06. i went to shoot it today and noticed what seems like quite a bit of cam lean. i changed my sight and was trying to get it sighted in and everything is high. I have the sight all the way up and still shooting high. could the two be related? if anyone else has had cam lean troubles on a bow tech or if this is normal and i just never noticed before, let me know.

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    thay did have issues....but if you have your sight all the way up and its still most likely have you anchor to low on your face........

  3. I will double check that my kisser hasnt moved but it felt the same as last year.
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    The whole purpose of the binary cams are to eliminate cam lean and limb torque found in bows that have the cable attached to the outside of the top cam. You should probably take it to a dealership.
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    Something's definitely moved on you...

    Yes, some Allegiances exhibited more lean than others -- especially on the '06 line, but it doesn't just "happen". In other words, I'd be almost positive that whatever lean you've had has been the same since day one.

    At the worst, your string might have stretched some... but that would actually decrease any existing lean to a minute amount as it's the side pressure from the cable guard which imparts any lean. To that point, any bow with a cable guard will have that sideways stress applied to it.

    I'd check your nockset to see if it slipped first and eliminate possibilities from there.
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    cam lean

    If your haveing cam lean side-to side it could be just a bushing worn out.
    if you didnt have this lean when purchased & didnt notice it.
    I took a friend to a proshop to deside which bow he wanted me to get him set-up with & pointed out to him the most important detail in purchaseing a bow:a manufacturing defect that very few people pay attention to:axle not machined properly,cam's not aligned.
    buy the way in this shop we visited they had, hoyt,browning,pse,parker.mathews,& bowtech.
    aprox.30 bows,i spotted 11 with significant lean bad enough were i would return them to the manufacturer.
    talked to the owner he said he didnt pay to much attention to this,& ask me if i wanted a job in his thank's couldnt pay me enough.:biggrin1:
    Out of the 11: 4 -hoyt 3-bow tech 1-pse 0-mathews 0-parker 3-browning
    One hoyt they had had such a bad lean you probable couldnt keep it tuned,like 1/8 inch off center. PLEASE CHECK BEFORE YOU BUY!!! some dealer's only care about the buck,& dont pay attention to what there selling.
    Remember i said SOME DEALERS.i do believe the dealers on this sight ive talked to care about there sport like i do.:biggrin1:
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