allegiance VS switchback

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    I was looking around on the net and found a forum(cant remember which one) with this match up. after reading it and vomiting i was ready to register just to give them a piece of my mind. all they bassicaly said was the switchback was over priced junk. Talk about crap these guys are either bowtech salesmen or retarded. I know the allegiance is a good bow and the switchback is good. Tell me what you think.:argue:
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    :laugh: :laugh: :doh:

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    I own an Allegiance and I think that it is the smoothest, quietest, and fastest bow that I have shot or owned. I have also shot the switchback and switchback Xt and the xt is also A very smooth and quiet bow. It is not as fast as the Allegiance but it again A very good bow. I liked the Bowtechs better because of the grip. The Mathews has A thicker grip and the Bowteck has A narrow grip. It is all preferance and I think that you should shoot both bows and decide for yourself. You cant go wrong with either bow.:decision: :decision:
    Good luck,

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    Fake bowreck posters

    It was brought to the attention of the mods on another web site that we do not mention here (--) :biggrin1: That Bowtech or a person affileated w/ bowtech was paying those types of posters to go on web sites and bash other bow companys, now if that aint the lowest form of archery sabitage I dont know what is, i mean getting paid??? heck I will bash for free!!!!!:peace:
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    BowTech & Matthews

    I presently shoot the tribute. I have shot an allegience and it to is a very fast smooth bow. Bowtech has a pretty sweet line up, I have also shot the switchback and the switchback xt. and they were very impressive also. I shot a hoyt last week for the first time, I don't remeber the name of the bow but it shot really well, I was impressed because I know it wasn't the top of the line bow.
    My point in all of this is we all should be glad that we have so many choices to pick from. There are many more bow manufactures, than just the 3 I talked about, that are producing some awesome bows!! You would be selling yourself short if you limited yourself to only trying one manufacture.
    I am fairly new to the sport, and the thing that I like most about it is the common bond you share with so many people. Don't let the fact that there are many competitive bows to chose from, break that bond that makes this sport fun!!!
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    Well BOWMAN, since you got off topic, look at this. Following is a paste of a thread delted on "that site".

    I post this in the hopes that some people will have a chance to read it, see the truth and pass it along in the future.
    You the members of Archerytalk have been lied to repeatedly, deceived by of all people the founder of this site.

    "CamoHunter45" author of the "Great Bodily Harm" thread:

    "SSSBowhunter" ,author of "Bowtech Limbs Cracked" thread:

    "JustbackShooter",author of "Laminated vs. Unlaminated Limbs" thread:

    As well as "MRTNRocks" author of nothing but posts slanted against Bowtech.

    All share one thing in common, the same exact IP address as your Archerytalk founder "Archeryhistory" AKA Terry Martin. All of these posts and screenames originate from Terry Martin's IP address which means with 100% certainty that they are all the same person.

    He has been intentionally deceiving you the members with these examples of posts and screennames as well as countless others for personal gain and harm to a direct competitor; Posing as one of you with fake post counts and the sole intention of deception.
    This is the absolute truth and any denial will be another lie that you the unknowing members of Archerytalk will be subjected to.
    Archers helping Archers huh? What it is exactly amounts to one Archery company stabbing another squarely in the back.
    Archerytalk Admin are not the only ones capable of locating IP addresses.

    I encourage anyone who reads this to quickly copy and paste this text to a Word doc. for future reference and to pass it along to everyone you know here , before the truth dissappears in a poof of Admin fear and guilt.

    This knowledge is truly a sad day for our sport ,when a respected member of the archery community must stoop to underhanded means to cast doubt on another for personal gain.

    Everyone will know this truth and those of you who have suspected that these slanted threads were bogus now know the origin, sadly you do not know the full scope of their quantity. The recent examples shown are only a fraction of the deception here.

    Believe it Archerytalk members, Keep bringing it up, and keep asking the question why.
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    I havent shot the allegiance but I shot a few arrows off of the XT. I wasnt really that impressed with it. Nothing seemed to be so much better than the bowtechs I have shot. I thought it was a good bow but not for me. Its all personal preference. I think who ever said it was an overpriced peice of junk was an idiot, or probably drunk
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    A lot less traffic

    Well it looks like I like this site better it has a whole lot less traffic, I checked out these threads, looks like a bunch of kids bickering. It sounds like Bowtech still had a few limb issues by a few posts, I shot the first Hoyt superslams, and couldn't get through a shoot due to delamination or feathering, the longer you shot the slower the bow got, Thats when high country was going strong Burly Hall was world champion, I moved on over to high country to twist the cables up on a few Supreme's, Then got bored with that ride moved on over to XI, I would say XI had the best of any limbs I ever shot, They actually had a booth at the nationals that all it did was dryfire these limbs, It took like 100,000 shots for the string to break, then they put a string on and kept going.

    But back to topic, I bought the switchback XT and seen one blow up before it ever got a shot through it, so any of these bows with the kinetic energy stored in these limbs anything can happen at any time. I have seen one 2005 bowtech that has had 3 sets of limbs, But no others. I guess you could say he got a bad one

    Where is XI when the goin gets tough?
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    What proof do you have that they were generated from the same IP address? I find this very hard to believe.
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    Be Nice...and vote.

    I think we are all gettng off the subject here,and really I can see why,sure I might too...
    I shot 4 Mathews for 6-7 years went with Hoyt elite for about a half a year.Loved em'.
    Got the lowdown on the bowtech and ordered one constitution before I even looked at one or shot one with the binarys....and the specs being the case,I figured (a jump) I usually don't do with bows or my money,but.
    I own two 05'constitutions one of the first 20 ever made in red and black and a pewter one and have one Old glory,which has speedcams and in advantage max4hd, after selling the 05'.
    I can honestly compare them in my book definately tell you the scores speak for themselves too^.
    But when I owned a mathews I thought every other bow out there was a turd in my mind.
    I shot the hoyt and said mathews is history.
    I think I could continue saying because I shoot Bowtechs that all these other bows are JUNK,but I would be lying like a rug if I did.Some of my freinds I shoot with don't like the bowtech's,they shoot Hoyt or Mathews mostly.
    The bows we are describing here are merely hunting bows in my eyes anyways,and the ones I shot so I could reflect to see what is available for 06'are the Trycon,Trycon xl,switchback xt,allegiace and the tribute that I would have picks or dibs on for you hunters out there to choose from.Hard choices,great bows by far than ever.
    I decided pesonally to shoot the Old Glory w/speed cams for this years hunting expeditions because of the axle to axle,braceheight,it's increased speed,adjustability,love the camo too.
    The difference betweeen the switchback xt and the original switchback isn't much,but overall it seems to be from what I gather a better grouping or shooting bow.The allegiance is about exactly the same in specs,except for a few legitimate facts.
    I am glad someone decided comparing two bows that are somewhat close in would be idiotic not to.
    It's faster.
    It's more adjustable and has variable letoff and modules for speed or smooth cams,adjustable to fit proper drawlength in any increment without a press.
    Strings are killer,peep comes back properly.
    Limb pockets are double lockdown on the riser.
    Camo selections. four to choose from.
    Lifetime warranty.
    It has a slimmer grip,sure,that does matter for torque.
    I can't say much about the vibration factor...they both are dead.
    I guess if I was looking at the positives on what each of them has to offer rather than the brand or what the sticker says on it,I would vote for the allegiance.
    I don't know anything about posters,or getting paid from bowtech to slam other bow manufactures.
    I don't know how bow companies even sell bows with the way they advertise,some have sexy women holding there bows,some say they won so many tournaments,others say they eliminated nock travel....
    whatever,ya know?
    I haven't seen one Bowtech with cracked limbs over the last almost two years myself or in the shop.
    In rare cases such as mine I had to replace limbs from Mathews I owned,so?
    I recognize one thing here.
    It is all a personal preference really.
    It is so hard to choose from and really ya never know what bow will help any certain archer acheive better results overall until he shoots them.
    We are talking about drilling game here in my eyes with the bows we are talking about and I am sure that both will work very well.
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    No thread hi-jacking... stay on topic.

    I've shot both and like both. But if your a speed freak like me. Bowtech baby!

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    And if you like hitting your intended target, and not your self in the forehead w/a broken limb you shoot switchback:laugh:
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    :amen: :amen: :amen:
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    Hi I own 6 bows none which are bow tech ,mathews, or hoyt. I have three sons and one daughter who shoot dad had the pleasure of the purchase of all the bows sights arrows ect. I own three dartons after all they designed the cams that everyone seems to use, one martin, one pse.and one bear.I have shot hoyts and mathews,great bows. I'm a blue collar guy with children and I believe all companies are force to build a good product!!!!!. If any of you are reps for hoyt ,or mathews,or bowtec please give me a bow.Ihave shot all the ones I own except for my daughters little bear,all are nice pieces of equipment. Shoot what you can afford and what feels right for you ,speed is not everything.

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    If you dont own either of the two bows in question why are you commenting? We happen to enjoy people being able to voice there opinions about their equipment. Even if there opionion does not agree w/ mine and is wrong!!!!:peace: Just kidding but :welcome: anyway:biggrin1:
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    Personal Preference

    All I can say is that I have seen 1 Alligience out of 3 Bowtechs that shoot at the range with cracked limbs. Then out of about 30 Switchbacks at same range with 0 cracked limbs. So I do not go by what I hear or read so much as what I see. So for me it was a simple decision. Except for the decision between the original SB or the XT. Went with the XT still on order though. I going crazy waiting on it.

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    Are you sure???? I think you have your stories confused :tape:

    I shot each bow. The XT is a sweet bow and anyone saying different has not shot the bow:amen:

    You are looking at a 3-arrow, 50yard group out of an '06 Allegiance.

    View attachment 239

    Glenny speaks the truth :cool:

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    wow and let me guess you also shot that group while the bow was upside down to didnt you, you are the greatest, your the best, is that what you needed to hear? And by the way I do not think my stories are messed up. Maybe if you could read or maybe even paid attention to what we are talking about. Oh buy the way have a good day sir GOD.
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    WRONG :welcome:

    Yes, they are if that is what you believe. :welcome: