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Discussion in 'Beginners Archery Range' started by conquest3D, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. conquest3D

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    One more question,would it be an advantage to switch to a scope or stick with pins and if a scope would be better what type,dont know anything about them.Thanks again.
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    I scope IMO can really give you an advantage in 3d. Especailly at longer distances.

    PS I am in south NJ also around the Woodbury area and will be heading to some 3d ranges that are pretty close. Let me know if you intested in goin?

    Oh almost forgot to mention that I have a spare site w/scope if you wanted to just give it try to see what it like.

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    I like the Dual lense from Specialty Archery, but do not know if it's been tried on a 3D range?
  4. Radar

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    I just bought a Viper 4x a couple months ago and really like it. It has a .019 up pin and is super bright, sometimes almost to bright but that is easily fixed by taking a piece of electrical tape and putting it over the fiber wraps. I am very happy with it and it was not expensive as scopes go like $130.00 comes with the housing lens and a glare cup so far I have no complaints
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    Also remember, that a movable/scope type sight will more than likely put into a tougher class at most 3D shoots as well. If you're currently shooting a fix pin sight in some type of Bowhunter Class, the scope type sight will more than likely put you up into Open Class which shoots at a farther distance and you will be shooting against folks that go all out with their equipment. If you're shooting fix pin in say something like Unlimited.. then it won't effect you much at all.

    This is not meant to detour you from trying a movable, but just don't get surprised the next time you show up at a shoot and you get put into Open Class if you're used to shooting in Bowhunter..

    I know how that is, it happened to me about three years ago.. :laugh: Been shooting a movable in Open Class ever since and never looked back.