Another package deal for sale. 1 shot sale

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    B4 I post what is included in this deal

    I want to be honest and upfront about the 2" pin guard. When I first got the sight I was VERY new to archery and did NOT know how to tune my sight correctly. The pins kept pressing against the wire in the pin guard and bending it, so my dumbazz removed the wire :frusty: So now the buyer has options. The pin guard and wrap are in EXCELLENT condition and the pins will be BRAND NEW, but seeing as how the wire is gone I am willing to either pay to have the sight fixed and then send the package or nock $15 off of the price of the package. I would like $165 + shipping if its over $10 ill split the shipping with ya. ANY ?'z call me at 803-487-5754 ask for Louie I dont sell many things 2nd hand so if you dont like the prices please keep the comments respectful or just to yourself for that matter :wave:

    The package includes

    Lore stabilzer MOBU (new is $35+ selling for $25)
    shrink tube
    2" spot hogg pin guard AND wrap kit that will come with .19 pins (new is $100 selling for $80)
    tree stand bow holder
    safety harness NEW (new is $25 selling for $20 NEVER OPENED)
    micro adjustable prong rest (USED with some dings and scratches but works fine) also included is another arrow holder.
    whisker biscuit QS, I dunno the size looks medium (new is $40 selling for $25)
    5 NAP 100 broadheds w/ BH wrench (I have no idea how much these are new)
    4 Muzzy 115 W/ extra tips/blades and practice blades 3 are brand new (new is $30+ selling for $20)
    little pocket knife
    3 brownell D-loop ropes
    nocks and inserts
    2 slings 1 by beenfar and 1 by bowtech (Brand new from Beenfar $15)
    extra fiber optics