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Discussion in 'Bowhunting forum' started by brandon45, May 16, 2008.

  1. brandon45

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    hey guys I just got all my money and am ready to do some buying for the new lifestyle! I want to know what ground blind you guys recommend for someone on a budget also my dealer sells beman arrows and wants me to get them unless I insist on the maxima hunters what do yall think
  2. J.C.

    J.C. New Member

    the ground max blinds are good for the money. i've never shot bemans, but they are owned by easton and from everything i've heard they are good arrows

  3. brokenarrow

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    I own an Ameristep blind, Ithink it "THe Big House"...:noidea: I don't remember.
    It's a little tight with a bow with out parallel limbs. As for your arrows I like Carbon Express, but lots of guys use Beman they are a good arrow too.:biggrin1:
  4. pred8er

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    I don't use a blind, but Beman makes a good arrow. With arrows, I usually try to stay near the lines top end. Not necessarilly the top of the line, but close to it. I think you get your best value for the money. I know I cant shoot the difference between .001 and .003 straightness, and for almost $40 difference, why would I buy the .001's?
  5. Wheely

    Wheely Wheely Threads

    I use to shoot bemans and they were always good to me.

    All my money? New lifestyle? did you win the lottery or something :noidea:
  6. trussoni

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    a friend of mine swears by beman arrows cant argue with him judging by what i know hes on the same arrows he bought two years ago and has killed deer every year with em. as for the blind question i have a cheap one seems to work out alright for me its a Eclipse Ground Max it was under $200 if i remember right. not real bad space wise havent shot out of it with my Drenalin but my PSE i used to have was not parrallel limbs and it was a tight squeeze with that. thinking the Drenalin is much better suited for it though.