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    I noticed a thread in the classifieds were a guy was selling a bow that belonged to his father and was purchaced in 73, give or take.......while I dont question why he wants to sell it orfor how much......I do question the fact that "someone" told him the value was 4-5 hundred dollars.......I was under the impression that archery equipment continually droppped in value and had no real collectors value.....I assume this is due to limbs and parts not being available and because the compound bow is relitivly a new concept....models become obsolete......companies go out of bussiness and parts become by making you SOL......

    Again this is not a bashing thread....its a thread that I have always wondered about......
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    I'm not sure about compounds but I know that some old recurves and longbows are very expensive. People collect everything anymore so I would think there is probably a market for old bows also. Just has to be the right ones.:peace:

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    Yeah...while an old bow may not have any resale value it may have a collectible value...what I mean is noone looking for a shooter would buy it but a collector may pay top dollar depending on year, make or model...:noidea:
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    yeah if its an old recurve it could be worth a nice chunk of change or if its a very rare compound in very good condition. Normally if its "collection quality" people will pay a bit for it.

    Its just like everything else. supply and demand.

    If there is no supply and somone demands it then they will pay the required amount to get it.