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    i want to build a new moving target for my range . what i want to have is a raccoon that goes about 4 feet across the floor then goes up a tree for 8 feet . you would have about a 2 foot area to shoot it on the ground before it goes behind a tree then up the next .limited budget .
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    A friend of mine and I built an Action Pistol moving target. I used a garage door opener and a revering starter and a gearmotor - that takes care of the electrical. We ran it on cable; I see no reason you couldn't do the same. Get a couple of eyes mounted on top of the racoon target. I'm assuming this is a foam 3D target; You could run a couple of pieces of all thread through the head and back end and couple the eyes to it. run the eyes on the cable. Have the gearmotor run a pulley with a line around it and a tail pulley at the other end that way you can reverse it by hitting the door opener the second time and send it back. Ideally you would put a limit switch at each end to kill it but you could have a stop button/switch to kill it manually when it is at an end - however now you are going to have to have a wired control which is kind of a pain. This would work fine if you abandoned going up the tree. Now if it went up the tree - that adds some problems. What I have is going to be captive and there will be no way the target will come off some kind of track. Hmmmm......How about running it in some garage door track? and mounting garage door wheels in there instead of eyes.......that could work.

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    they make a heavy gauge roller track and wheel set at tractor supply company,dont know if you have em there but , its a stout set for horizontal sliding barn doors and the track captures the wheel. make a small base and attach side by side wheel sets to it , possibly cut slots on back of track to get a good bend angle to it ...or possibly pvc couplers sliding over smaller dimention pipe? garage door opener sound like a great off the shelf carrier either way .pull,bump-stop,reverse,bump-stop,pull,ect...