Any of you 3D'rs shoot Field?

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  1. Trying to slip in here with a quick question before Slippy sees me. :whistle:

    Just wondering who has tried Field and gone back for more. I'm headed to Cumberland MD this weekend for the Hillbilly shoot. If you're there, look me up - I'll be hanging with the NC crowd enjoying some home brew by PSarge.

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    you and Slippy are close?:noidea:

    I wont be making it, having to work on Saturday, puts a crimp in weekend traveling plans.......

  3. You know how sometimes you get this creepy feeling that someone is stalking you?? :cool:

    Work is no excuse - this is a HOLIDAY weekend - call in sick!
  4. Field vs 3d

    I gave up on 3D because it took as long or longer to shoot 30 arrows at 3D than it does to shoot 116 arrows on a 28 target Field course. And it costs less to shoot Field that it does to shoot 3D. Also less chance of hitting something in the target and ruining an arrow or at least a point.
    30 arrows divided into $9.00 = .30 cents per shot
    116 arrows divided by $7.00 = .0603 cents per shot
    Which is the better bargain?
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  5. Ronhop

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    That's a really good point...

  6. Charlie, I'd love to shoot your range - 116 arrows - do they give you 4 mulligans? :confused: (I think you meant 112 arrows 28 x 4)

    The range I shoot at charges $5 for guests and $2.50 for members for casual shooting. Tournaments are $10 - still a great bargain in my book.
  7. Brown Hornet

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    Most people shoot the first target as a warm up....then shoot it as the last you shoot 116:peace:
  8. Ah, didn't realize that.

    BTW: Shouldn't you be out practicing or something. :lol:

    See you Friday! Don't tell Sarge, but I hope you take his crispy on your "en-route shoot". Just be sure he saves enough money for gas to at least get back to your house on Sunday. The way he's making call outs for crispies, I'm getting a bit concerned. :p


    I shot what we call and iron men where you shot half a 3d course, half field round & a 300 round indoor one bow for all it was fun
  10. field course

    If you are ever up here in the NW corner of PA please get in touch with me and we will go shoot our course. We can shoot 28 field, 28 hunter or after the middle of July 28field, 14 hunter and 14 animals AS MY GUEST, cost $00.00
    Being in PA we shoot under PSAA rules which says the first target is practice.
    We have two(2) complete courses, one set up for Field only and the other set up for Hunter or Animals.
    After the middle of July when leagues are done I will change half the hunter course over to animals which will be left up until sometime in the latter part of Dec. when it will be changed back to all hunters for our leagues which will start in Jan.
    EVERYONE IS WELCOME to come shoot our club as a visitor. PM me as I am rangemaster and would love to shoot with you ANYTIME.
  11. Thanks Charlie for the invitation and explanation. The first target on the front half of the range I shoot at is the 50 yarder. Man, sometimes I wish it could be shot as a practice round. They do have a practice course with every distance available, but "things change" once you step on the course, at least they do in my mind. :amen:

    BTW: If that guy who calls himself Brown Hornet ever shows up at your place - lock the doors and run as fast as you can. :)
  12. Radar

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    I started shooting our clubs field round league last year and had a blast. We just finished up league last week. its alot of fun, good change of pace, and really helps the shooter work on form and shot follow thru. For league we only shoot 14 targets because we all shoot it after work during the week. I was skeptical/nervous to shoot it at first but man I gotta tell ya it is fun
  13. Yep, 14 targets is all we have time for in the afternoons as well. Will be leaving shorting for The Hillbilly Shoot in Cumberland MD. Where I live the land is as flat as Olive Oil's chest, but I hear that I can expect to find something entirely different in Cumberland - guess I'll see how well my "cut" marks are.
  14. jcmorgan31

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    Our club just finished putting in our field course. I will probably go give it a shot next week....
  15. Radar

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    ya JC give it a whirl...lotta fun, has really improved my shooting
  16. tried Field

    Had 3D shooter show up at our club today hoping to shoot some 3D.
    Just so happens that we were holding the PSAA Northwest Field and hunter regionals today.
    He had never shot any field round before but he decided to give it a try.
    We were shooting 14 Field and 14 Hunter so he got a taste of both type of yardages and targets.
    When we were done he had shot a Bowhunter unlimited AA score and I think that he is hooked.
  17. Brown Hornet

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    and for the record....Sarge went down on ALL 3 rounds:peace:
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    I would like to give it a try but there is no field archery near me as far as I know, and I don't know anyone that could show me how to play
  19. Brown Hornet

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    There are shoots up your way some place. Check out the NFAAs website and you should be able to find something.

    OR send me a PM and I will get you in touch with someone up your way....VT is one of the ONLY states that I don't have a schedule for:doh:
  20. Sorry Hornet, just couldn't resist - but I will give you your due - Hornet got me by 9 on the Sunday round.