Any predictions?

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    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    Two weeks left in one league (gander mountain), one week in a another(dart)and three weeks in the most important (highwoods sportsman club)
    So how will I do any predictions? Will I fail in my quest to become the 1st first timer to become high point man (at highwoods) or will I succed? The pressure is getting to me a little, I get this uneasy feeling in my stomach while thinking about it.
    Will I be able to maintain enough points to hold off third place in the gander mountain league? (the first place guy is on my team in the dart league, and is high point man there also)
    Will I be able to hold it it together in the dart league to do what I was brought there to do, (make sure the team that has one five years running, wins again.) (exept last fall when there was quite a controversy over a shooters actual scores).
    You know most people have a hard enough time keeping it together in one league I decide my first year in comp to shoot in three different ones and all at the same time.:doh:
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    It'll be ok bud

    Just keep a positive attitude and do you best and all will come out in the end.....of course you may not come out on top but everything will come out.
    And just in case you missed it NO NO NO NO my bow did not come in yet.