Anybody shoot an evotec??

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    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    yet...any opinions???

    it looks like another cookie cutter bow to me but I have only seen pics....

    and the way the one bone head over on AT goes into every thread and posts how you should try them is really annoying........
  2. Dredly

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    yeah its like that with 2 or 3 of the newer bow companies. I think it has become more of a marketing technique for these companies then doing traditional advertising.

    Whats amazing is you really only see this type of posting from companies who do not advertise.

    ex: ROSS is a new company and there are people who post that they like the bows, the same as any other company but they also advertise through normal channels.

    EvoTek does no advertising that I am aware of an has a select few radically obsessive fans that do nothing but try to get other people to buy the bow. Its weird

  3. two_shoes

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    I have talked with Tim and one other cat from Evotek. It was funny, I saw a bow out at a small Gander Mtn north of Houston. Felt good in the hand but I had to et to the Mexican Consulate office so I couldn't wait to have th guy there adjust the bow for me. Tim was explaining how with the grip offset and such, this would be the most accurate bow I could shoot. When I asked about target colors because I shoot spots & 3D, he asked if I was interested in getting on as a staff shooter. He obviously does not know me from anyone... but when I told him I was new and not very good... he said that wasn't as important as a good attitude and people skills. They don't have a dealer within 250 miles of me so I guess I'll have to wait. The other guy there said they'd ship one to me but I didn't get into the details......
    I've heard CSS started like that, getting bows out to just about anyone who would represent them in a positive light. It'd be cool to say "I'm a staff shooter" and be a part of something from the start. Ahhhhh dare to dream....
    They were really nice.
    There is that one cat from the great white north that talks up the bow..... I did like the feel of it in my hand I just didn't get to draw it back. :biggrin1: