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  1. kbohunt

    kbohunt are u a fat boy?

    I now have 2 digital camaras with cracked lcd screen's
    what do i do ?
    Chuck em:frusty:
    1 is 6 months old and 1 is 2 months old, these things break easy or im rough on them:frusty:
    Anyone know are they worth fixing?
    Has anyone had the lcd replaced?:noidea:

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    man Kenny your a rough little bugger aint yah:lol:

  3. jdawg240

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    most if not all MFG have a one year warranty. Tell them they cracked when you took a picture.
  4. I think it would all depend on what they cost to begin with. They might be worth a few bucks on ebay. I think between the cost of labor and the part it would be cheaper to buy a new camera:noidea:
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    Ya, we had several break on our cameras at work. Turned out to be cheaper to buy new, exept if they have a little finder to look through, like your old film camera, we still can use them. You just won't know what the picture looks like until you load it to the computer.
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    In all probability it will be cheaper to just get new camera .I had to replace one on one of my point and shoot's after only having the camera three weeks. If it hadn't been a higher end model I never would have done so. When you send the camera in the techs there will look at the camera and make the determination whether it was caused by trauma (which it probably was) and if so will it NOT be covered.
    I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the following product to be installed on any Digital camera (and it's reasonable priced). I have one installed on ALL my Camera's. It is a protector and a shade. It not only shades your LCD in direct sunlight but the shade may be slid off and it still leaves a protector over the lcd lense. If they don't list your model call them and usually they will have yours anyway. Look at Pop up shades.

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  7. kbohunt

    kbohunt are u a fat boy?


    Thanks all
    I just got home and went by wally world and picked up the same camara:biggrin1:
    I checked on e-bay and noticed they sell them with broken LCD's around 20bux
    I might put them on there.
    These things are so fragle i dropped it on carpet.:frusty:
    I did see the protector and im getting 1 thanks for that info too:biggrin1: