Ape-armed left hander needs a new bow. Please help!

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    I'm having sort of a difficult time finding a bow. I'm new to all of this. I apparently have very long arms as I have a 32" draw (measured at 4 different pro shops, all said 31.5" or 32"). I am left handed. I'm 6'2", so I'm not concerned about ATA.

    I can, in a very controlled manner, pull 55lbs, and can pull 70 (I'm sure these muscles will build up quickly). I work at home full time and we have set up a 25 yard range outside my door, so I'll be practicing a LOT.

    I plan on hunting deer, elk, boar, and may make a trip every year or so for a buffalo hunt.. because of this, I'm looking for a minimum of 60lbs of kinetic energy.

    I will also be doing 3D target, field target, and maybe participating in a few local league indoor target shoots.

    I don't want to spend any more than I have to spend, but will spend what it takes to get quality and the right bow.

    I've done a LOT of research, have downloaded the 2007 model spec spreadsheet from huntersfriend.com and filtered it for the above (with the exception of whether or not they have a LH model). This has limited my selection to the 60 or so models below (out of an original 230 models), mostly they are Hoyt, Matthews, and CSS.

    I'm very impressed with Hoyt's competition record, but am not stuck on any particular brand.

    Please help me choose the most appropriate bow. It's got to be dead-on accurate, able to do anything, fit like a glove, and grow with me for the next 3-5 years.

    Thanks so much in advance!

    Here are the models:

    Mfr Model
    APA Innov. Anaconda VT
    Bowtech Commander
    Browning Vapor
    CSS Challenger 39 OS2
    CSS Challenger 39 OS3
    CSS Challenger 39 P1
    CSS Challenger 41 OS2
    CSS Challenger 41 OS3
    CSS Challenger 41 P1
    CSS Contender 37 OS2
    CSS Contender 37 OS3
    CSS Contender 37 P1
    CSS Contender 39 OS2
    CSS Contender 39 OS3
    CSS Contender 39 P1
    CSS Contender 41 OS2
    CSS Contender 41 OS3
    CSS Encore 35 OS2
    CSS Encore 35 OS3
    CSS Swampmaster Pro 34 OS3
    CSS System 37 OS2
    CSS System 37 OS3
    CSS System 37 P1
    CSS System 39 OS2
    CSS System 39 OS3
    CSS System 39 P1
    CSS System 41 OS2
    CSS System 41 OS3
    CSS System 41 P1
    Darton Pro 4000
    Darton Pro 5000
    Diamond Rapture
    Hoyt 38 Pro
    Hoyt 38 Pro C2
    Hoyt 38 Pro XL
    Hoyt 38 Pro XL C2
    Hoyt 38 Ultra
    Hoyt 38 Ultra Vector
    Hoyt Montega
    Hoyt Pro Elite XT 2000
    Hoyt Pro Elite XT 2000 C2
    Hoyt Pro Elite XT 3000
    Hoyt Pro Elite XT 3000 C2
    Hoyt Pro Elite XT 3500
    Hoyt Pro Elite XT 3500 C2
    Hoyt Ultra Elite XT 2000
    Hoyt Ultra Elite XT 2000 C2
    Hoyt Ultra Elite XT 3000
    Hoyt Ultra Elite XT 3000 C2
    Hoyt Ultra Elite XT 3500
    Hoyt Ultra Elite XT 3500 C2
    Hoyt Vectrix XL
    Martin Scepter 4 Elite
    Mathews Conquest 3
    Mathews Conquest 4
    Mathews Conquest Apex
    Mathews Switchback LD
    Pearson Generation II
    Pearson Z-34
    PSE Big Five Pro
    PSE Pro Mojo NP
    Ross CR337
    Rytera (Martin) Bullet-X Vipro
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    AS far as the CSS Brand I would go with the Encore OS2 or 3 in the 35 ATA or a Challenger OS2 or 3 in the 37 ATA. I have hunted with all of them and I really like the 35 Encore the Best for hunting. The 37 Challenger is what I am using this year and that is what I use in tourneys but with the P1. I don't have experince w/ the other Bows. Sorry hope this helps. The OS2 is a double Cam and the OS3 is a cam and a half. The OS2 is only 5 to 7 fps faster than the OS3 but the OS2 is very smooth for a double cam. Best of lick on your venture. And welcome to the wonderful world of archery.

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    Neither. Look at the new 2008 PSE X-Force LD
    up to 33" draw, 8 1/2" brace, 33" A/A, And speeds in the area of 340. Very good with a fat brace of 8 1/2"..