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Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by bowtech4ever, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. bowtech4ever

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    I am thinking about starting an archery club in my area. I've been talking to some folks and there seems to be some interest but i don't quite know what the next step is gonna be. do clubs have an annual fee and how much to charge. Any ideas you guys might have about gettin started woulb be greatly appreciated...
  2. Ronhop

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    From no experience in starting a club but from shooting at a lot of club's facilities I'll give you my best shot...

    1. Find some RELIABLE people who are interested and would be willing to share the workload and expense of getting it going.
    2. Decide the formats you want to offer: Indoor 20 yard, outdoor field, outdoor 'freestyle' (yarous yardages for fun), 3D, all of the above ?
    3. Find a piece or property that has the necessary facilities to support what you would like to offer.
    4. Money
    5. Money
    6. Money
    7. Money
    8. Oh, liabiliaty insurance.... And the ability to pay for it.

    Just my 2 cents but you asked a general question that could have a multitude of answers.... I probably just scratched the surface.

    Good luck bud.


  3. cboutin

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    You will need insurance ASA is really good and not expencive as for a price for membership the archery only club I am a member or charges $25 for Indivdual and $35 for Family
    The hard part will be getting $$ for targets and help. My archery club is great as far as help but I also chair the archery at my local fish & game club and I have not had any help (except for my wife) for the past 3 years and it is alot of work for one person to drag out thirty targets ,cut shooting lanes then run registration and cook shack then pick it all up after wards at the same time making the shoot safe and fun as possible I could take some short cuts but I want the best course I can, thank goodness I love to shoot but it is alot of work.
    Good luck
  4. dbdcougar

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    Insurance is a real bummer. I can give you our anual costs. $500 for covering the shoots, $733 to covers the officers tails, $2032 to cover 2 buildings, targets etc. We charge $50/year for membership.
  5. BowhuntnHoosier

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    $50 a year for a club sounds like an acceptable price for membership to me. Wish I lived closer to you.:peace:
  6. Cameron

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    Consider the safety first. Natural backstops, shooter paths that will not be behind the targets, use of artificial backstops if necessary, etc.

    Figure out a budget, and lots of advirtizing.
  7. bowtech4ever

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    I did a little brainstormin with my partner tonight. we are volunteer firefighters and we think we are gonna hit the county fire meetings and try to spark more interest and get more feedback before we proceed. we are also gonna put out some flyers at the local shops and see how many hits we get from those. nothin like a little redneck survey!!! we also talked about a shooting format thats a little different. GROUND BLINDS!! as for our expenses, we are hoping to generate some small sponsorship oppurtunities by offering real estate on club T-shirts which will come with each membership.
  8. Mathews Man

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    As far as fund raising, I know alot aboutit from Boyscouts. Look localy you will find alot of Moose lodges do fish frys, Pancake breakfast are good if you get it timed with a local event like a Townwide yard sale ect... Good luck.