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    Here are my views on competitive archery.

    Archery is not a contact sport. Beating the guy next to you is fine, however, is that really the goal. Shouldn't you be setting goals about your own score? Shouldn't you be working on things you can control, like your own score? You can't control how someone else shoots. You shouldn't get mad at someone because they beat you. That's just plain ridiculous.

    When I shoot a 3D course and add up my score. I know if I shot as well as I could. Sometimes the score is not real high yet you feel good about the way you shot.

    When I shoot paper, I know what type of score I should shoot. If I don't shoot that score or better who's fault is it? Mine.

    For me competitive archery is not me against the competition, it's me against that piece of paper or me against that 3D course. Sure I like to win as much as the next person. But that said, I know if I have shot well or if I should have shot better. There is no one to blame but me and I like it this way.

    I normally try to set goals for my shooting each year. They should be achievable goals. If you are an average paper shooter, don't make your goal to go out and win Vegas. Make your goals high enough that you have to work to reach them, but make it achievable. When you reach one goal, set another.

    Goal setting also provides another benefit. It adds pressure to you when your shooting. This is the same type of pressure you get at a tournament. You must teach yourself to perform under pressure. Goal setting will help but it's not the total answer. Shoot in as many tournaments as you can to help with the pressure situations.

    Just some of my thoughts or maybe ramblings.:biggrin1:
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    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    What do you mean not a contact sport????? No wonder all my arrows are are broken:Cry: oh and by the way I am only kidding

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    Right on

    Trust me, I have been golfing for a few years and have become a very humble and gracious loser. And I agree if I can gain a couple of points on my last score I am very happy even if the guy next to me beat me by 30 points. I cannot control him only myself. Which is hard enough sometimes. I think if I had no room for improvement that I would get very bored with this but, don't worry I have plenty of room:laugh: Good post Chris. Have a great day everybody.

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    Nice Thoughts!

    I agree with Chris fully. If archery is not fun, there is no use participating in it. Often, weekend warrior type shooters take themselves WAY too seriously getting mad when another archer talks or whatever. When archers actually take the time to help others rather than worry about themselves, the sport has the best chance of growing. These same guys are the ones that cannot shoot a perfect game and use any excuse to explain why they did not shoot perfect.
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    I'm fully aware of what you are saying and totally agree that there is no reason to get upset at other people, or even yourself for that matter. Archery is a SPORT and should be enjoyed as such. Winning or losing is just part of the game.

    I do have to say that whether shooting target or 3D I rarely keep score and don't keep track of my score along the way. It has a tendency to pressure me. Shoot one arrow at a time the best you can and when you are finished that is when you have a score, not until then.

    Compete against other people? Not anymore. I've learned to only compete against myself and do the best I can on a particular day. Good or bad doesn't matter. It's having fun is what it's all about.

    Maybe this attitude is why I don't shoot as well as 30 years ago, along with an older body and eyes that don't see as well, but I have learned to accept that, too.
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    I found this buried in the boards and it makes a very good point...after all the goal is to improve youself and if you win along the way that's a bonus. Granted competition may be your driving force but your ultimate goal is to become the best archer you can become...
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    but What if archery WAS A completive sport? Instead of your performance being all that mattered its your performance and your opponents performance... :rockon:
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    When I shoot paper targets I dont go to the line trying to hit a 30.
    I go to the line and try to hit a X three times.
    If you go to the line trying to hit a 30 and you hit a 9 with the first arrow you are screwed. you start to think well I can still hit 29 and you start to think too much and it starts to affect your score
    so just try to hit X's and your score will take care of it self.
    I also don't watch the guys next to me to see how they shot. this also can have a bad affect on my score.
    this may be a little off topic, just some thoughts.

    I agree you have to set goles long and short term my long term gole is to shoot a prefect veges round 600 .My short term gole is to shoot a perfect half my personal best so far is 299 with 28 X,s :biggrin1: :peace:
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    Yup all said and done It is all in the head/ then we let fly. Great post Chris. HS
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    Chris i agree with you 100%. I shoot manily 3-D. Shot the first shoot of the year last week. Cold Day 19 and windy. Shot from the open stake with my hunting set up. Shot a 346 and was very happy with that. Did not finish very high but dont care about that. I was pleased with my score. Even on the shoots that Placed in last year. I did not turn a score in. The most inportant thing is for me is that I have a good time shooting with my sons:biggrin1: . By the way two of them usually bet me.