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    Back in the 70's, a local club got use of a small 9 hole course, They set a 4 in square bock on the green and starting at the tee, you lobbed an arrow as far down the fairway as possible, then continued on until you hit the block. A score of 19 won it. What a blast. Anyone else ever done this?
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    Yes, the traditional archers around here have a place they go.
    It's recurve and longbow only.
    I have heard quite a few people talk about it but never did see it.
    I think it would be a lot of fun, although I don't own a recurve or longbow.

    I think they actually do this on a real golf course but I could be mistaken. There are a ton of golf courses around here so there's no shortage of places to do this. Disc (frisbee) golf a real big around here too. They sell the discs at the local corner hardware store. Kind of strange if you ask me, but whatever...


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    there is a good one near Mt. Morris, Wi. 18 holes. you shoot a plastic ball off of a metal ring for the hole. lots of fun.