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    over the last 13yrs of bow hunting i have collected numerous extras, as that now im out of hunting i will sell all my stuff, i have everything from a Neet hip quiver(nice), 2 OR 3 releases with straps, a toxonic tournament sight, odd and end sights(some complete some not), some mismatch broadheads, alot of practice tips(some blunts and some bullets), turkey or rabbit tip add ons, hip rests, T bar, nocks(alot of same and alot of different kinds), some arrow rests(some complete some not), wrist straps, basically alittle of everything, might even have some arrows(carbon and aluminum---might, have to check), i would rather not sell individual stuff(if i do the prices will be higher), would sell everything for 200.00 can get pics of bigger stuff, small stuff is like a big grab bag of goodies. i have alot of stuff not mentioned on here, just dont feel like going through it all unless someone is interested in it. all bow stuff i have is included in this package. extra strings, cams, what they fit i dont remember. you can post here or email [email protected]