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    Archery Tips

    I really would not start by asking what someone knows about the sport, but instead what their goals are for starting the sport. It is not a casual event where you show up and start competing.

    As far as distances go that archers shoot from, that depends on the discipline you pursue. Olympic style shooting is limited to 70 meters in Olympic Games competition. Internationally, there are four distances. For men,

    90, 70, 50, 30 meters. For women, 70, 60, 50, 30 meters. I am not as familiar with Field shooting, but the distances vary from 5 meters out to 60 meters. There are still other distances that other organizations use for their competitions, but I will not cover those here.

    When it comes to prices, that depends on the level. A beginner would not spend two thousand dollars on a bow and find out they really do not like the sport or the requirements to be good. Conversely, an archer adept in the sport would not blink an eyelash to spend that for really good equipment.

    Arrows can cost $2 for a bare aluminum shaft with no points, nock or fletchings, and up to $18 a piece for a carbon/aluminum shaft with no points, nock or fletchings.

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