Are goldtip gladiator broadheads any good?

Discussion in 'Bowhunting forum' started by D Harvey, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. D Harvey

    D Harvey Guest

    Just wanted to get some feedback on these broad heads.
  2. Werd

    Werd Guest

    I HAVE NO IDEA. but they look bad a$$. I would use them. they look like a mad good broadhead.

  3. 'SIN'ERGY

    'SIN'ERGY Senior Member

    I keep one in the quiver for follow up shots on spined deer. They tear a monster hole.

    The reason I do not use them as my primary is because the body behind the chisel point is plastic. I don't want to see what would happen to it if I hit shoulder bone. They fly great though out to any distance you want.
  4. Gator eye

    Gator eye Guest

    I ve been use gladiators for a couple of years now.

    Fly great.

    Make a big in and out hole.

    Great blood trail, not that you need it for a thirty yard death run

    Price is reasonable.

    Haven't lost a deer yet with em.

    I am using both G5 and Gladiators this year.*(had a pack of G5 donatied:D )
  5. swintj1

    swintj1 Senior Member

    What type of G5's are you using? Montecs or Strikers? Which would you prefer over the two. I love the Strikers, but there is something about a 1 piece broadhead that just appeals to me.
  6. D Harvey

    D Harvey Guest

    Well I bought some gladiators, they came in the mail yesterday. first impression was not very good... look way cheap. Screwed one on, gave it a spin, it spun true. Went to my 20 yard mark and took a shot at my 1 1/4"
    spot on my broadhead target hit 1" left. Pulled it out and found no damage, reset the blades went to 20 again hit right on the dot, just a little left of center. Pulled the arrow, inspected broadhead... no damage, went to 40 yards and let one fly hit one inch left pulled it, no damage. Went to 60 yards shot into the same hole I just shot from 40 yards... no damage. Back to 20 yards set up a piece of 1/2" plywood and shot through it. pulled it 1/32 broke from one of the expandable blades on one side other side fine.

    They don't look like much but they fly great. they are sharp out of the package and they resharpen easily. I believe they are fine to hunt with I'm going to try them on a whitetaeil in November.

    I thought that the plastic center section would give away where the mechanical blades came around and made contact but it didn't. The two 7/8"
    cutting diameter bleeder blades install between the tip and the base of the broadhead providing support / ridgidity.

    I realy like the way the blades lock forward on a detent iside the ferral, no orings or rubberbands needed.

    This will be my first time hunting with a mechanical... hope it turns out good.
  7. Gary Crivello

    Gary Crivello Guest

    Gladiator broadheads

    I have been using these broadheads for three years and thay work very well for the price you can beat them.