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  1. to strict? just want to know ya'lls thoughts :noidea:
    Plaques awarded to 1st-5th place in
    all individual divisions except Pro.
    • One half of the fees collected for the
    Pro division will be awarded to the
    1st-3rd place finishers. Of this
    amount, 60% will be awarded to 1st
    place, 30% will be awarded to 2nd
    place, & 10% will be awarded to 3rd
    • All shooters will be placed in 1 of 14
    divisions according to equipment,
    age, & gender.
    • Equipment that does not conform
    will either go to the next division or
    be disqualified.
    • Shooters may compete in more
    than one division provided that
    chosen divisions are shot on
    different ranges. (Not required for
    Traditional divisions.)
    • Each range shall consist of
    McKenzie 3-D & Rinehart animal
    • All targets will be shot with field
    • Arrow must touch (not pull) the
    line to count next higher score.
    • Pass-through will be shot over if
    unable to determine score.
    • All arrows will be scored before
    being pulled from target.
    • Score cards will be kept by 2
    different shooters, they must be
    tallied before being turned in, & the
    scores must match or the lowest
    score will count.
    • Scopes greater than 1X will be
    allowed on the range; however, the
    use of rangefinders, lasers, or other
    optical devices is not allowed.
    • Tournament judges reserve the
    right to check any binoculars used
    on the range.
    i dont really undestand this rule?
    • No clickers or draw stop devices
    will be allowed. The use of string
    lock or similar device is not allowed
    (unless medically necessary).
    • No discussion of distance is allowed.
    • Shooters must be touching the
    stake during the shot.
    • Shooters may not go beyond stake
    and return prior to the shot.
    • A pre-release will count as a shot if
    arrow cannot be retrieved by the
    shooter while touching the stake.
    • If a shooter must leave the range
    due to illness or equipment failure,
    he or she may return and complete
    the range (circumstances to be
    decided by the tournament
    • Shooters may request a protest
    from the tournament committee.
    This requires a $25 fee (refunded if
    protest stands).
    • Decisions of tournament judges are
    All divisions will have a strict time
    limit enforced , 2 minutes for the
    first shooter and 1 minute for each
    shooter afterwards.
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    poorman And thats no lie !

    THey sound fair to me. This is normal isnt it?

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    what kind of shoot are the rules for? I would say for a big national shoot no they are fine, infact theirs a few i would add about ibo speeds ext... if it was for just a local fun shoot, a few might be out of line, but anytime money is invilved for payback, their needs to be good rules inforced, theirs always a few who like to push them a bitjust to win!!
  4. not for me there not. i have never shot at this shoot.tomorrow is my 1st time there spose to be alot of people there i just hope when i shoot a 12 they dont call it a 10. and the draw stop rule i never herd of that i cant shoot my bow with out it i just dont get that rule.:noidea:
  5. it is the :

    27th Annual
    3-D Tournament
    July 14 & 15 , 2007
    Pine Bluff, Arkansas
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    14 separate groups huh... how many people do they think are showing up :laugh: