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    Hi, My arrows are doing a cork screw effect before hitting the target. I shoot a Hoyt Alphaburner(65#) with 7595 gold tip expedition hunter. The rest is a QAD ultrarest hunter. I hadn't noticed this until i started shooting one of my arrows with an aluminok in it and it showed up big time. I started paying attention to my other arrows and they are all doing it. Any idea whats causing this?
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    I have not shot an arrow with a lumenock so I can't give first hand experience. Arrows don't fly straight. Youtube has some good videos of arrows in slow motion. They kinda look like a spagetti noodle in flight. If you are consistantly hitting your mark I don't think that you have anything to worry about. If you notice that the arrow is diving left, right, up, or down then you might be getting contact with a vane. Could be the rest, riser, or even a shirt sleeve, if you wear long sleeves. I would guess that you do hit your mark so don't let it psych you out.

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    you can also check for fletching clearance by putting some spray powder on the rest and see if the fletching is touching the rest. also check your paper tune and also your centershot. hope this helps
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    just set up a hoyt with quad one similar to yours . check with the powder . if its hitting move your nock point up by 1/16 inch until it clears the rest if it ends up being more than 3/8 up then its something else.if you use a peep and kisser you will have to reset that also after you get the clearance.
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    i had that problem about 4 years ago and it was the fletchings on the my arrows they were put on wrong they were 4 inch vanes...i had new vanes put on by a differnt sporting good store and it took care of it...good luck
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    Center shot or knock height could be alittle off too.