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Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by phillip, May 23, 2008.

  1. phillip

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    Im thinking of trying some new arrows. I am useing easton st epic's right now,9.3 gr. per inch. someone told me i should try 3555 gold tip white wrap's with feathers. Im shooting 65# 29 inch draw, they say these arrow's will get me a little more speed and that they are very good arrow's.
    Have any of you guy's ever used the 3555's ?
    I've looked for them but cant seem to find them. :noidea: :noidea:
  2. Mathews Man

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    I love Glod tips and have had alot of luck using them. I would just look for the spin that fits you set up they have a website or any catoluge has a chart. I have never heard of 3555s But that dont mean they dont exist, I think the ones you need are 4575 or something like that?

  3. pred8er

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    35/55's will be to underspined for your set-up. You will need the 55/75's, they run at 8.2 gpi. Personally, I would stay away from the expedition hunters. I've just had some bad experience's with them, but the XT or PRO Hunters are good to go!
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    3555 is not for you. They have a 500 spine deflection. You should probably shoot a 400 spine which would be XT or Expedition 5575 Gold Tips. If you're looking to get something light in weight but properly spined then look at the Gold Tip Ultralite 400. You'll find them on GT's website listed under target shafts.

    Everybody usually mentions the Xt's and Pro Hunters because that's what you see being sold. Gold Tip makes a lot of other shafts besides these. You might even take a look at the UL 22 series. Although a 300 spine I shoot them well down to 53# and 27".