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  1. arrowsmith

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    My new drenalin is on its way, in the meantime i want to buy some new arrows.
    If i use a quad ultra rest on my drenalin with 30" draw what lenght would i want my arrows ?
  2. IChim2

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    I have a 30"dl and i make my finished arrow's 29.5 from the valley of nock to insert.I like to have 1/2 inch of the arrow past the launcher at full draw....but i also shoot xx78 2512 shafts with uni-bushings....if you use carbon the length will be different.Best way is to use a shaft that is a little long and at full draw have someone to mark it at what ever distance you want past the launcher....most perfere 1/2 inch.

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    I have a 30" draw on my Switchback using a whisker biscuit and shoot a
    28 1/4" arrow.
  4. Slice

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    I have a 30" draw on my Switchback using a Trophy Ridge Drop Zone and shoot a 28.5" arrow. This gives me .5 inch past the rest.
  5. I have a 28" draw and shoot a 28.5" arrow with a dropaway rest.
    I cannot understand why everyone wants to shoot crossbow bolts from their compounds.
    I would not shoot any kind of broadhead that was not in front of the riser.
    When you cut the 1 1/2" from the arrow you stiffen it signifantlly and only lose approx. 12 grs. of weight. That changes the FOC and only gains about 2FPS.
    No wonder people have trouble getting broadheads to fly.
  6. Dredly

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    I shoot a 30" and I normally go with 29" arrows. The difference in weight between a 29 and a 28.5 is normally 4 or 5 grains max and the difference is negliable but I have plenty of room for broadheads and blunt tips.
  7. Dredly

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    hmmm... you shoot a 28" draw and you shoot a 28 1/2 inch arrow... what kind of broadheads are you shooting and what kind of bow?

    Based on my normal experience risers are at least an inch wide, normally closer to 2 inches wide and DL is based on back of riser to full draw... So if you want to shoot an arrow that never has an issue with drawing the broadhead past the riser you should be shooting a 30+ inch arrow.

    wouldn't this mean that you are still drawing your broadhead past the riser?
  8. I only shoot fixed blade Thunderheads and with a 28" draw my broadheads are 1/2" in front of the riser.
    I measure my draw length to the front of the riser.
    I shoot a MATHEWS LD and they measure the draw length to the front of the riser as it should be.
  9. Long Draw

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    with most rest/bow set ups you get effectively a modest overdraw. You dont want to go less than 1/2"-3/4"th shorter than your draw. There are other possible advantages to getting them cut to draw length or slightly longer. If you ocaisionally bury your point in a 4" x 4" frame of a target butt for example and you bugar up 1/4" -1/2" of the front of the shaft, you can cut it off and still have a shootable arrow.
  10. You measure draw length to the FRONT of the riser not the back.
    If you want to get real techinal you measure from the deepest part of the grip and then add 1 3/4".
    With some of the newer bow's the riser is only about 1" wide thru the grip area so that would give me extra arrow lenght.