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    All the pro's are proabably sick of hearing this sort of question, but we all need to start somewhere, right! Thanks for the help

    I am looking to buy some carbon arrows (feather fletched) for my recurve bow. The bow is 45lbs at 28inch draw, so I am confident I can use a 29 or 30 inch arrow.

    I am confused as to which weight arrow I should be using so the spine flexes right.

    I would like to possibly order these arrows

    but what should I be buying.

    BTW, I would really like pre-fletched carbon arrows, because I am missing the target 1 out of every 20 or so shots. Carbon from a 45lb bow would be probably virtually indestructable.

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    looking at the arrow you gave as an example the herritage arrow at 29" you would want the 150 and at 30" you would need to move up to the 250's. I am not sure about Carbon express but If I was buying and Easton carbon arrow I and the length of the arrow fell in the kind of inbetween spot that you are hitting here I would go with the slightly weaker spine. I got bit that way with the carbon Axis arrows I bought the 340's to shoot out of my bow and I could not get them to tune. I dropped down to a 400 shaft and the problem was solved. Bunnyman may be able to help you a little more he shoots Carbon Express...


    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    45lbs, at 28 inch draw, I would go w/150's