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Discussion in 'Bowhunting forum' started by kuncleurt, Sep 29, 2007.

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    I have been bow hunting for a few years and I am needing to replace my arrows. I have been shooting aluminum arrows, and am thinking about carbons. Everything I read convinces me that I should shoot carbons. My dilema is the season starts next Saturday. My brain tells me not to start the season with an arrow I am unfamiliar with stick to what I know.

    Is this correct or will there be no difference in how they shoot and besides the adjusting the rest will I be ready to go? I just do not want the expense of buying new aluminum arrows just to put them away next year for carbon arrows. My wife will shoot me with the old ones.

    I am new to this forum thing and is this where I should post questions? New guys are pains I know.


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    its alright in this section.... but yea ummm carbons will affect your shot alot. they are alot faster and stronger. you never get bending with them. the only con is that they shatter when hit something not suppossed to be hit. another thing is they dont "pack the punch" that an alumini does. but they deffantly shoot faster. post some more info up..ex. bow make, poundage, length...

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    :welcome: to the forum. Glad to have you here with us.

    I would suggest since season is only a week away then you should stick with the aluminum arrows. I truly love my carbons but, have killed many deer with aluminum.
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    Welcome to the forum...:wave:
    Carbon will cange alot of things...You will probably have to resight each pin and adjust the rest...
    I prefer carbon, but if you are this close to opening day I say pick up a 1/2 doz aluminum...You can always put them in the classified in the spring and get tuned to carbons for 3d and hunting next year...
    I try not to change anything 1-2 months before season...BAD JUJU...:biggrin1:
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    I don't like to get into the alum/card debate...but for now i'd leave it alone jmo.I'm a die hard alum person for a lot of reasons...but thats just me.:welcome:
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    IMO, you are correct, don't change now. What is wrong with your old arrows that you need to get new ones? What I'm getting at is that I have killed deer with bent arrows that I straightened and refletched, and resharpened broadheads.

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