Arrow straightness

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    I have done a lot of precision work growing up, some for government. Have you measured what .001 is or .006 is. the difference is barely over a sheet of paper. So from one end of an arrow to the other you can barely slide a piece of paper between a straight edge and the arrow. I think in most cases the arrow is still going where you aim it. Secondly, have you ever seen a film of an arrow leaving a bow in slow motion? It torques and twists way beyond that measurement before straightening back out in flight, then torques and twists again on impact. So the question I basically have is when just target practice or even hunting would it not be more important to have a good spined arrow than to worry about that little difference in straightness. At 40yrds I don't think you will see a difference in flight unless you are a professional archer trying to do a robin hood.
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    That's a very good observation in my opinion.
    Yes, I believe arrow spine and point/fletching/nock/bushing weight all play into a the equation of how an arrow flys as opposed to shaft straightness, within reason...
    I also think total weight consistency between a bunch of arrows is a key to getting good groups. I think FOC, point weight and total arrow weight and spine are things to focus on, keeping bow specs in mind all the time.