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Discussion in 'Bowhunting forum' started by Wayne Fetty, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. Wayne Fetty

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    Help? My bow is tearing the main vane off the arrow. All the vanes are plastic and they all come out crimped. My friend has the same problem. We both have whisker biscuits for aluminum arrows that we shoot. We both have releases that we shoot with. My buddy's arrow is more flat than mine. I have a slight drop from my nock point to my whisker biscuit. My arrows are pealing at the start of the vane. Anyone have any ideas? Wayne
  2. Pinwheel1969

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    the problem is the whisker biscuit. It does that to all standard vanes. Try some blazers. Blazers and Qiuck spin have some that will work for them. Also, you can you a hair drier or heat gun on them and they will straighten out.

  3. kbohunt

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    Like pinwheel said,Use blazers!
    1 other thing u said it looked like it was trying to rip your vane off?
    If its an old WB u might want ta get it replaced.
    Ive seen in a slowmotion video the arrow dosnt stay in that little hole at the shot and if the WB is worn out from shootin it may be hitting the ring!:noidea:
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    I agree with Pinwheel about going to shorter slightly stiffer vanes with your biscuit.
    Also when you get your vanes done again make sure they put some fletchtite or whatever asdhesive they use on the forward ends where the vane meets the arrow. This will help them from pulling up in the front.

    IMHO ditch the WB.
  5. icom

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    toughest vane there is..

    Blazers work too if you can nget 'em to stick

    Duravane Savage vanes or Predator vanes work great

    Flex Fletch;but they are expensive

    always add a drop of glue to the front and trailing ends of the vanes
  6. tnts79

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    I agree blazers, with a little drop of glue on the leading edge of the vanes, you won't have any vane issues. Your nock point should be just a tad higher than your rest when your bow is down. At full draw your arrow should be seemingly level or preferably down just a little at the tip. If the tip is higher than the nock at full draw your poi and arrow flight will be very inconsistent.
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