arrow weight,point weight, cutting dia= yards kill range???

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    So lets say you are a very serious meat hunter, refuse to consume commercial meats, do not have a frontstuffer and you intend to use your bow from opening day to the start of rifle season. You need to get your max limit on deer, and your wife does too. Your saving your special doe tags for rifle season when the deer are feeling pressured.

    Lets say on a generally calm day, you can put six arrows inside a 6" circle @ 40 yards with your hunting rig, never having any coaching or formal training.. and said hunting rig pokes 364g airies along at 265fps.

    What weight missle combined with what cutting diameter will give you clean kills at what maximum yardage?

    Tres mon the new guy.
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    350 Hunter by carbon express or the 340 Easton Axis and the one inch cutting diameter of the WASP Bullet. 40 yards under perfect conditions and plenty of practice, for that set up.


    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    well just about any good quality hunting arrow combination, will do the job....

    that being said, its hard for me to get away from the combo that has worked so well the last couple of years......

    100gr-4 blade 1inch Muzzy's, screwed into Carbon Express Maxima 250's, fletched w/3 4inch aae elite plastifletch.......

    does the job very well......
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    kbohunt are u a fat boy?


    Ive taken 2 deer each year in the month of october the last 4 years with the same combo!
    Beman Ics hunters 400 with 4 inch duravanes
    Rockets XL 100gr with 1.5 inch opening dia.for 3 years
    & last year changed a little to Rocket hammerheads 100gr.same cut same results!
    This year change again to same arrow with 3 inch blazer vanes and hammerheads!
    Puts meat in the freezer for me.
    And i love back-straps!:lol: