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Discussion in 'Beginners Archery Range' started by stevieb, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. stevieb

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    What seems to be the most popular size or sizes of arrows and field tips?
  2. Wheely

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    I shoot beman ICS 500's, but I am a girl and don't know what the guys are shooting :noidea:

  3. chelleo

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    I too want to know what good indoor arrows are for a woman too hehe...there are so many different kinds...would be nice to have some idea.

    Wheels how the heck do you manage to draw 47#... are you super woman or something??

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    well i shoot a pink bow does that qualify me????

    I shoot Carbon Express, CXL 2's......there fat but not too fat, kinda like me.....:tape:
  5. BowhuntnHoosier

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    I shoot Carbon Force Radial X-Weave 300 Hunters. I love em fairly inexpensive and tuff as nails.

    Tip size I would say the majority of shooters use 100grain but some like em lighter and some like em heavier.:peace:
  6. brokenarrow

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    Welcome stevieb...:welcome:

    I shoot CX200's w/ 100 gr points...
  7. Wheely

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    I just had it turned down to 43# so I can shoot longer and may still go to 40# when I get the new bow. 47# was just to build up strength again. I like to push myself a little to hard. I could shoot about 60 arrows at the weight, but scores started dropping after about 30.
  8. Pinwheel1969

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    I shoot carbon force radial x weave pro's fopr hunting, carbon force equalizer 2300's for 3d and spots. I also shoot Cobalts and Eclips for spots with -
    4" feathers. Your best bet for spots.
  9. Ronhop

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    That question largely depends on the specs of your bow and how it's set up for you with respect to draw weight and draw length.
    Having said that, the most popular arrow brands around here are Easton, Gold Tip, Carbon Express and a few folks shoot Beman and the Ted Nugent arrows. I use Easton Axis 400's for hunting and target shooting in the yard and recently purchased Easton Fatboy 400's for indoor.

  10. kbohunt

    kbohunt are u a fat boy?


    I agree being new & easy on your wallet /easton gamegetter's hunting & if you want to get fancy indoor fatboy's or equalizer's.
    I use bemen/hunter for hunting and X-7/5.25% nib.point with 1&1/4in.vane's
    I dont know if they still make easton x-7's any more.
    Ive got about 8 dozen left out of 12 when i us to shoot alot of tournament's some 6 to 8 year's ago.
    need'm im shootin again/by the way :welcome: & have a nice day!!!
  11. ByteMe

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    My vote...

    I dont think there is a difference between the arrow a woman selects versus what a man does. I think what needs to be conisdered is what you intend to get out of your shooting.

    Case in point... I shoot skinnies I stay away from fat boys because I want to be as accurate as I can. Whether I am shooting firearms or archery for as long as I have been shooting for me its accuracy. I personally feel that shooting fat boys takes away from the marksmanship as the thicker arrows are pretty much good for "cutting lines". This means that if you shoot skinnies and your competitor shoots fat boys when the both of you are evaluating your score and the arrow is barely in the 10 ring the fat boy will have more of a chance to cut that line and give you the 10 where as the skinny will not. Plus like today, when I am shooting spots and I have a half dollar sized spot out at 30 yards and I am looking to place that arrow in the center its a thrill to do it with a skinny arrow and when the onlookers see what I am doing it with I kinda like the impressive looks they give me.

    I shoot carbons I like the way they fly and I think they tend to fly faster and straighter vs aluminums. As far as manufacturers I am pretty good on my arrows so I go with price. But the ones Ron, and the others mentioned are kewl.

    Just my two cents if its worth anything.

  12. dodgedude2003

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    Are we talking diameter or length for arrows?

    Lots of arrows are either 1/4" or 5/16" for carbon but can go bigger.
    Length is custom for your usage, and spine requirements.

    Field points are sized to match the shaft, and come in various weight measured in grains. 85, 90, 100 and 125 grains are common.

    Now, what are you doing?