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    Hello Guys!

    Well... I'm totally new at everything related to archery... so please excuse me if I seem waaaaay to ignorant in my questions... and although I have been reading this forum for about a week or so (today I finally decided to register...) I do have a couple of questions that I haven't been able to figure out (yet...)

    Ok, here is my story... I do not have any local shops around (so basically I'm gonna have to learn things the hard way...) and from all the techniques and tips I've read here in the past few days I decided to purchase a used Martin Magnum Cougar Bow... which specs are as follows:

    * Adjustable from 45-60#

    * 29" of Draw Length (I followed the techniques of wingspan measurement... divided by 2.5 etc... and and also this site's technique and came to the conclusion that my draw lenght apparently is 29" in both cases.. although I am 6'3" tall and and based onsome other info and tables I've read it should be 30" > ?)

    *Holding weight is 50%

    So we will see how comfortable is once its gets here...

    However, I am totally lost in the arrow measurement and specs. :doh:
    I have no idea where to start... :noidea:
    I was thinking of some arrows I saw at ebay like:
    but I am not sure at all... Most arrows I've seen online come 'uncut', so... based on the specs of my bow, how long should my arrows be cut to?
    I've seen you all recomend those GT 22 goldtip arrows but... honestly, starting out... I thought I should get "cheap" arrows first to try the bow? Is that a bad idea? Do I need anything else before I can actually shoot an arrow with my newly acquired bow?
    Pleaseeeeeee someone give me some light and advice on this matter 'cause I am lost in the arrows whole thing... I am purchasing some "How to" archery DVD's but while those come in, I thought I should ask here first... By the way, I am not hunting or anything like that with the bow... just got it for entertainment and recreational insight matters. (And... please forgive me if I mispelled words out... or if I was not clear enough... English is pretty much my secondary language...)

    Thank You Guys! And please forgive me if I sound hopelessly lost...

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  2. ptcruz421

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    The Goldtip 22's are great arrows and I think you would be happy with them. I do have a question. Are you really looking at a bow with 50% lettoff? Are you shooting with your fingers or release?

    Oh and welcome to the forum.


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    Uhh.. With my finger I guess... :noidea:
    What do you recomend ?

    I am still reading on all the archery terminology here... but yeah, I am also guessin once the bow gets here, with the specs I read, Its set at a 50% ... Is that good? bad? low? high ?

    And Thanks for the warm welcome and your response ptcruz421... I thought no one was gonna answer.
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    new archer

    Welcome to the world of archery. it is a wonderful way to relax and meet some really great people. I was wondering if you are allowed to hunt big game where you live. I if so what type and how much can you do? As for the arrows since you are just trying out this sport if it were me I would go as inexpensive as possible as well as the arrow is the most desposable part of archery. I would consider a tough arrow such as a carbon for you might just miss the target a time or two. It still happens to the best now and agian. Try to match the arrow wieght to your poundage pull of your bow as you will want to get that puppy flying as fast as you can to help you out on the longer shots and the arch in it be minimized as much as possible. Try some glue in points and these can be bought with adjustabale wiehgts in them, to shoot as light as is going to allow you good flight and still stay in the legal limits if you plan to shoot tournaments.They are really fun as well. I hope this helps out. Striaght Shootin, :welcome: Holy Smokes

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    Awesome! Thanxs a lot Holy Smokes... Yeah I guess you could say it would be legal to hunt here... I think. I'm in Puerto Rico (Caribbean Island) so basically... "Everything is up for grabs and keeps"... and Yes! that what I thought too... go as inexpensive as posible since like I said, I'll be learning the hard way and from scratch since there are NO local shops here at all.. At least in the south parto of the island where I live. If there is any shop at all, my guess it would be located up north...

    And thanxs for the tips! I'm learning as I go... I do hace one question thought, What lenght of arrow should I get once I purchased them? Is the arrow supossed to be then same as the bow's "draw lenght" ? That's the part I'm confused and prettymuch tied up... I would like to purchase the arrows ASAP so when the bow gets here I'll have arrows to shot with... or at leat have them on the way.

    Thanxs for your help guys!!! I really appreciate it!
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  6. Chris

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    I think what ptcruz was trying to say is 50% letoff is pretty low by todays standards. 75%-80% is the norm now.

    And welcome to the forum.
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    Not sure if you know what the let-off term means but basically that is how much of the bow's draw weight you are forced to hold at full draw while aiming. So 50% means that you are required to hold your bows draw weight/2 while aiming. 80% letoff would mean you would hold bows draw weight /5 while aiming. In essence the larger the % let off the easier a time you will have holding the bow fully drawn while aiming.

    Regarding the arrow length it depends on what type of arrow rest is on the bow and what type of clearance you want on your broadhead if you hunt. For example if you dont mind the broadhead being over your fingers (some people worry about getting cut with it etc) then you can cut the arrow shorter then if you want the broadhead a bit past the riser.

    You can check on what type of arrow to get by looking at the arrow spine charts or on the gold tip site they have a chart you can download to match your arrow to your bow spine wise.

    Hope this helps.
  8. Fury

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    My bow

    My Yamaha was checked out today, & we found out that at 50lbs, I'm holding 30 at full draw which is fine with me.
    I'm used to shooting recurves alot more than that using fingertips no glove.
  9. Dredly

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    The difference between shooting fingers and release -

    - Fingers you actually place your fingers on the string, draw with the hand and then release.

    Positives: Free! unless you buy tabs or a glove

    Negatives: Harder to get the accuracy possible w/ a release, more strain on fingers, possbility of pinching finger (ouch)

    Release - typically either secured to the wrist or held in the hand, your hand never physically touches the string, the jaws of the release do. String is released by a trigger (normally).

    Positives: This is more accurate then fingers in most cases, w/ a wrist release the bow is easier to draw and hold, don't have to worry about sting pinch on your fingers

    Negatives - Have to buy a release, they can be pricey. May tear up the string

    As for arrows I would suggest getting some sort of relatively inexpensive Carbon arrows, you will probably miss the target quite a bit in the begining and trees have a tendance to break arrows.

    If you look in the classifieds you can normally find complete arrows for relatively inexpensive prices (5.00 / shaft or less). I would strongly suggest you buy arrows that are already cut to your length and fletched. Carbon arrows aren't easy to cut without the right kind of saw, they require inserts, tips, fletching, knocks... basically they are a PITA to make if you don't have somone telling you how and a local place where you can get your pieces from.

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    Ahh... Thanxs Dredly! So those are the advantages and disadvantages on releases. Got it...
    Yesterday I was up north the island so I went to Border's and got myself a book on archery. Archery Fundametals: by Douglas Engh (Human Kinetics publishers). Pretty specific and simple to understand. It has ilustrations and it ID's every component from both the bows, arrows and othe accessories (like the releases and the instruments used to prepare your own arrows ). I would recommend it to anyone new (like me!) at this... ever since I started reading this book yesterday I now understand MORE of what you guys would consider the basic "tech-talk" here at the Forums...
    I got some DVD's too off eBay too... Like I said, I am interested in really learning... I can't wait for my bow to arrive... I'll let you know when it gets here.

    Thanxs again for all your support on this guys... really... Thank You !!!

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    OH... MY... GOD! Got my Bow today.... and besides being awesome and overwhelming it is veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery and I mean veeeeeery strong to pull... Is that what you guys where talking about the 50% lett-off ? At first I even thought that the cams where stuck or that there was sometype of lock that was not allowing me to pull back the bowstring... but once I decided to pull no matter what... I realized that this thing is way to strong to pull. I was able to mount some of the accessories like a sight and a quiver that was included and some other stuff.... (which I am still researching as what the are for...) anyway, now that I have the bow and have a better idea of how it works I might be able to figure out some good arrows that I can purchase on my way to 'learning'... :biggrin1: