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    I had recently shot the BT General and I really liked it and still may end up getting it but I have a question. I know that I said that I didnt care for the
    82nd's aggressive draw cycle but after thinking about it, if I was using my own release that I currently shoot with now instead of the release that the pro shop allowed me to use, and the bow was set to my correct DL and reasonable poundage is it possible I could feel differently about the bow?
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    Especially if the draw was too long for you. With a draw curve like these bows have....a long draw really feels terrible. Mainly because they tend to load a little more towards the end of the cycle and you hit the hard spot at the end of your draw length and still have to pull another inch with muscles not used to doing that.

    If the poundage was higher than normal, it would just magnify it.... :thumb:


    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    absolutley.......if i ever get a chance to hang with virg or Dan, I would like to shoot theirs......
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    The bow will feel totally different to you once it is setup for you. Wrong DL and DW are just killers to comfort.:peace:
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    The first time I shot it I had a shop release that I was reaching for. After switching to my own it was much better.
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    Justin has hit the nail on the head. The draw cycle is not that bad IF it is set up correctly. I cringe when I have to tune a 30" draw speed bow, even though my DL is very close to that. There is a night and day difference in 29 and 30... well at least to me there is.
  7. Don't be dead set on your normal draw weight either. You can drop 10 pounds and still get amazing speeds and energy for hunting. Say you normally shoot a yesteryear bow at 68 to 70 pounds. Plan on being VERY suprized while test driving a 55 to 60 pound Airborne 82nd. You might still say it's aggressive but your shoulders will still get relief from a normal 70 pound peak load.

    Look up BowTech on There are a few videos there of guys shooting 40 to 50 pound 82nds and they are still screaming fast and quiet.

    Personally, I'd go for a 101st myself:D