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    Looks like our wonderful IL DNR cannot afford to test for CWD this year in Winnebago County, they will only be testing in the following counties.

    Please read carefully and please respond, via E-mail to Paul Shelton (DNR Manager)Paul Shelton . I feel this is unaccceptable for the DNR to not utilize the bowhunters to help this cause. Furthermore to not even test our deer before consumption is a damn shame!

    We will only be able to accomplish very limited CWD sampling during the
    archery season this year, due to lack of funding. As a result, we only
    have a single site where hunters can drop of a deer head for testing.
    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. I have included a
    copy of the news release below which provides the details. As to the
    "new rule coming soon" statement on the website, it concerns regulations
    that have already come and gone - it is long out-of-date and should have
    been removed.

    Paul Shelton, Manager
    Forest Wildlife Program


    During this year's archery deer hunting season, the Illinois
    Department of Natural Resource (IDNR) will be testing adult white-tailed
    deer for Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) from Kane, Lake and McHenry
    Counties. Adult deer of either sex will be tested for free. This
    monitoring program will help determine the distribution of this disease
    in Illinois white-tailed deer. Currently in Illinois, CWD has been
    found in Boone, DeKalb, McHenry and Winnebago Counties.

    Hunters who are interested in participating in this voluntary program
    can have their deer tested free of charge, and should follow the
    following instructions. Hunters can submit one or more adult deer for
    CWD testing. Deer should be checked in at an official Illinois
    Department of Natural Resources archery deer check station for the
    county where the deer was harvested. The deer's head should be
    removed so the two vertebrae nearest the skull are still attached to the
    skull. The head should be placed in a strong plastic bag and kept cool
    until the hunter delivers it to the dropped off site. The head should
    be stored on ice or refrigerated. The head should not be frozen.
    Tissue samples cannot be taken from heads refrigerated more than three
    days. IDNR will remove brain tissue for analysis at a pathology

    The drop-off site is the main office at the Chain 'O Lakes State
    Park, 8916 Wilmot Road Spring Grove, Illinois 60081. The drop off site
    will be open October 1 through November 17, 2004 on Sunday through
    Thursday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Samples should not be dropped off on
    Friday or Saturday.

    IDNR appreciates hunters assistance with this very important wildlife
    disease surveillance program.

    >>> "Dave Taylor (Rkfd)" <[email protected]> 9/21/04 11:44:11 AM >>>
    Hello IL DNR,
    Am I missing something because I can't find any info on how and
    where the DNR plans to test Archery deer this year?The season opens in
    10 days....whats up? Also, what is the "NEW RULE COMING SOON" that's
    been on the site for ever?


    Dave Taylor
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    That is interesting

    If I am right wasn't the CWD the most important issue in the hunting of deer and the preservationof our deer mangement?
    I have had them do there testing on the best property you could ask to hunt,they took 8 deer,who know what...
    Now they don't have enough money to even see if we will even know if Illinios has a CWD problem?
    I smell fish.......

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    Anyone concerned about getting deer tested for CWD?

    Or are there not many Northern Illinios bow hunters in here?

    This came from the DNR, they are working with the local meet lockers to collect samples of deer for CWD.

    All of these are in Winnebago County I believe. I had a friend call Pinnons(Fulton Ave., Rockford) to see if they could check his deer yet. They said yes and it was free, just bring them the head! Anyway the meat lockers are supposed to be taking samples and sending them in for testing. Pinnons for sure, you might want to call the other ones.

    Still unsure of the turnaround though...waiting for federal funds but at least they are trying.

    "These lockers are Eickman's, Smokehouse Meats, Bryans Trade-rite, and Pinons. Some of these may be misspelled. However, as I said
    earlier, the turnaround time for testing is currently unknown -
    although the samples are being collected, the actual tests cannot be run until
    Federal funding comes through to pay for the testing."
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    At least someone is testing them.
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    I thought I would try the smokehouse this year,I heard nothing but good things of the last 2 years.
    I want to be the first human to contact CWD,If I keep having the season I am having,I won't have to worry about a thing.
    Its early I should keep my hopes up,I will try again tomorrow.