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Discussion in 'Offtopic' started by bullspotter, Mar 27, 2006.

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    Well fans, being a racer myself and a totaly commited fan to racing in general, I will be losing sleep tonight over todays events. Today was a crazy and a sad day, Kurt Bush wins first race, in the 2 car, and names his car Rusty...lmao, what a ding dong, the 48s luck ends with his crew cheif back for the first race, hummm what should they do with Chad!!! lol i can say desk job myself, but i guess Chad had no controll over the events!! I like Jimmy, but dont think much of Chad, Jeff gordon pushes Matt after the race, was called for after matt spinning him, but the look on Matts face was PRICELESS........A Petty owned car gets in the top 5, holy cow its been a while!! great job Bobby!! And lastly the fatal crash of Paul Dana, a rookie driver in the IRL, He was racing with the Rahal Letterman team, his teammeats Danica patrick and Buddy Rice did not race, Dan Wheldon went on to win, My heart sank to the floor when i saw this, My thoughts and prayers go out his wife, family, freinds teammates and all others that knew him, He was only 30 years old. :sad:
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    I dont follow car racing all that much(I am a motocross racer). But when anything like that happens in any kind of motor sport it is a wake up call. Also my thoughts and prayers go out to his family, it was a sad day!