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    I got back a couple of hours ago. Me and the family went to my wife's aunt and uncles home out in Marienville. They and the aunt's parents own a couple hundred acres which also includes a small 20 tree apple orchard. It was unbearably hot the whole weekend but I still went out. I hunted the orchard as it's been dry there and it also had a small spring fed pond. The spring provides water for the two houses and has a large storage building to hold the tanks. I never saw anything on the morning hunts but the evenings were interesting.

    I put my climber at the corner of the orchard about 10 feet into the woods, I had a clear shot at a pretty good radius. Friday night at 6:30 a big 8 point with the palm-like tines came out into the ordchard about 100 yards away, followed by a spike. I watched him work his way around for about 30 minutes when he passed behind a apple tree that was twenty yards away and was heading into my shooting lane. He needed about two more steps to clear the tree and I had already drawn when he stops, looks toward the storage building, then turns around and walks into the woods the same spot he came out in. I look toward the building and see some guy walking down the hill. He goes into the building and comes out with a ladder and walks away. About five minutes later a little 6-point walked out into the orchard from directly under my stand but he wasn't a shooter.

    Turns out the ladder guy was a neighbor who figured it was ok to go down there even though he was told I was hunting down there earlier in the day.
    His reply was, that's alright, there are plenty of deer to shoot.

    Saturday night I sat in the same spot but made a little ground blind out of bushes and saplings to expand my shooting lanes. Not a single deer came out during shooting light. As I was packing up my gear about 15-20 deer came into the orchard to feed. I was barely able to make them out. I stayed as quiet as I could and after I was ready to leave I shined my flashlight on the closest deer at about 15 yards. Of course it was a huge 10-point. As I began to walk they all headed back into the woods.

    Nice trip, hot weather, plenty of deer. I will go back.
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    At least you are seeing deer in PA. With the heat it has been an interesting week to hunt. It has been very slow in the SW corner of the state. I have :noidea: what to do with all the heat. All the water holes are drying up.