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Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by turk, May 4, 2008.

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    A while back I came on here for the first time. I asked many of you opinions on bows since I was out of the scene for a few years and wanted to start shooting again. thanks for all your input. I ended up with a 2008 Bowtech Allegiance set at 70lbs, QAD Ultra Pro drop-away, Montana black gold 7 fine pin sight, Alpine stabilizer and soft lok quiver using 2213 easton aluminums cut at 26 1/2 inches with 125 grain Nap broadheads. Today was the first time I was able to give it a GOOD field testing. And man-o-man was I stoked! With the 7 pins I sighted for 20 to 80 yards. I was slammin' 80 yard shots at a 3D deer target with relative ease. Is this the mark of a good bow or have I just been away too long and they're all like that? I mean it wasn't very hard making these shots. I even pushed it further by using the ole "imaginary pin" and shot 90 and 100 yards and hit the target, most of the time in the vitals! Now, hang on, I'm not planning on getting carried away and start taking putt shots at live critters this way. But it sure is good to know that my shooting is doing this well so that when I DO take a 60 yard shot I can do it with confidence. It's good to be back.:wave:
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    Congrats! I'm in a similar boat to you and counting down the days until my stuff gets here. Hopefully my experience will go the same way, and glad to hear how happy you are with your purchases.

  3. Well, to answer one of your questions, it is the bow that is that good. We would all suck if we had to fling the arrows at our targets just using our hands:lol: .

    Now to be a little more serious, I think it is a combanation of all the stuff you took your time to buy and match up to not only you but to your bow and the biggest part of it has to be you. Your the one that has to hold your bow steady and aim at the target, so I think it is mostly in part to you that you are doing so well. Congrats to you.
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    Good news for you. That's great.

    I was out of the sport for a while as well and got back into it 5-6 years ago and found that equipment is MUCH better designed than it was in the 80's.

    The heck with 4 wheel bows and steel cables...

    I am kind of surprised you went with aluminum arrows though. Carbons are a bit more expensive but quite a bit more durable. Some say they are more forgiving but I don't see that myself since it was pretty easy to figure out the correct spine in an aluminum arrow...

    Good luck and welcome back to the sport.