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    can some one explain back tension to me. i am talking about a step by step guide to BT. in other words an a Idiots Guide to Backtension
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    There are probably a few guys onn here that could give you a brief explanation of backtension. However to write a step-by-step explanation would require a post the would fill a book.
    Because back tension has many many steps that lead up to proper backtension. Like..stance, grip, drawling, aiming so on and so on.

    So the best advice I can tell you in a to get a but from Larry Wise called "Core Archery". It teaches you everthing you need to know about learning proper back tension.

    Barnes and Noble usaully has it on there online store for about $12.

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    The post above

    He is right get core archery and learn it right////kingfisharchery:amen:
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    If you currently shoot a trigger style release, an easy way to duplicate the feeling is to come to full draw, hook your finger on the trigger. Start aiming then slowly pull your arm back like you are trying to pull your wrist through the loop - you will be using back muscles to do this. This movement should cause your trigger finger to activate the release unanticipated. Back tension eliminates the punching the trigger issue and thus minimizes target panic.

    Do you need a BT release - not necessarily. Michael Braden (Hoyt Pro) shoots just like I described above. I use a Stan Micro III BT release. Others can shoot a thumb release like a BT. The point is to concentrate on aiming, not triggering the release. After a while, BT becomes automatic where I start aiming then the release goes off. The bow should move forward and left, your release arm should move away from the bow.

    In addition, buy the Core Archery book mentioned - it will explain a lot. Or, buy Michael Bradens DVD (Straight Talk) which is more of a condensed but visual version.