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    Anyone have some good recipes for backstraps or the catfish's??? I usually marinate mine in zesty italian dressing, I know someone has some killer secrets......:hungry:
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    my boss at work makes some killer fried catfish... but he wont give up the recipe for the breading. sorry.

  3. I like to smoke my backstraps. I cut them down the center using about a half a back strap. The cut is made thru the center lengthwise. Then I rub the inside of the cut and the outside of the meat down with a rub of my choice there ore tons of them on the internet I use alot of rosemary and peper in mine but it is your choice. Then I wrap the strap in bacon. I prefer to use deer bacon if I have any I get it made at a locker in Hamburg Iowa. It is killer. Tastes like smoked ham. Anyway I then smoke the backstrap for about 4 hours on a medium heat with alot of smoke then pull it off and slice it is to die for. Be sure to keep the water pan full of it will dry out like a popcorn fart.
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    I grill my backstrap butterflied with cajun paprika and garlic salt.. medium rare...
    My catfish I use flour egg bread crumbs and parmasean cheese... mix the bread crumbs and the parmesean cheese together with some salt and pepper.. dip in the flour. then dip in the egg then the mixture... be carefull though the cheese makes it brown up real quick... You don't want to burn it... But it is awesome..