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    Maryland Buck
    From the Baltimore Sun
    Hunter shatters state buck record
    'Stunning' total antler score exceeds 1987 mark by 40 inches
    By Candus Thomson
    Sun reporter
    November 30, 2006
    Last year, Bill Crutchfield Sr. made a run at the big bucks in
    Maryland's "Diamond Jim" $1 million fishing
    This year, his son got a different kind of big
    buck - a deer with antlers massive enough to put most chandeliers to
    shame and obliterate a state record almost two decades old.
    "He does the fishing, and I do the hunting,"
    said Bill Crutchfield Jr., as he waited yesterday afternoon for state
    With a crowd of camera-phone-toting hunters and Department of
    Natural Resources officials watching,
    hauled the carcass from the refrigerator at Hitch**** Taxidermy in
    Severn for the tale of the tape.
    The buck had 13 points on each 25-inch antler.
    The entire rack spanned slightly more than 21 inches tip to tip.
    After measuring all the antler tines and space between the prongs,
    Crutchfield's total score was 268 4/8 inches, breaking the mark set in
    1987 of 228 4/8 inches (antlers are measured in 1/8th-inch

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