Barely used Rytera Bullet X.. STS, Peep, Loop $550 shipped.

Discussion in 'Bows for sale or trade' started by NE1C_my_arrow, Jul 12, 2006.

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    I'm selling my Bullet X that I bought on 5/19 of this year.. Great bow, very fast, very quite and very little handshock but as bad as I hate to admit it.. I bought a Browning Illusion and after shooting them both over the last month the Illusion has won me over. Between the two bows, I've spent over $1,000 and I have to let one of them go. So, the Rytera has to be the one. I've got a receipt showing that I paid for the Rytera Bullet X, a front mount STS, loop and peep that totaled $673.44 after tax. I'll take $550 shipped in the ConUS for the bow with the same setup I bought it with. Bullet X, STS, peep and loop. This price is FIRM. No lowball offers, please. I'm pricing it at what I feel is a steal because I need to recoup some of my outlay on these two bows. If there is no interest in the bow, I'll just keep it and shoot it. It's a great bow, I just like the Browning better.

    It has been shot, and it's not 100% perfect cosmetically.. There are a few little scratches here and there but nothing major and I can and will provide pics for any seriously interested parties. I will accept money orders only on this one, as I'm through dealing with Paypal. I haven't dealt with anyone here, but I've done a few deals on AT. Also, I've been on Ebay for many years under the user name of 4sfedmr2 if you would like to check out my feedback there.

    Thanks in advance, and anyone interested can PM here and I'll get back to you ASAP.