BCY Bowstring Materials & Serving....Best Deals!

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    Here is the Deal 3D Shoots.com Members deserve!
    BCY string building materials at rock bottom pricing! Fast Shipping!

    8125 1/4# Spools $39.95
    The most durable string material made.
    452X 1/4# Spools $44.95
    The most stable, non stretch material.
    3D Jig Spools $10.50
    All colors in stock
    XS Braid .021 Center Serving $16.95
    Black & O.D. Green only
    XS Braid .018 S.H. Cable end serving $16.95

    Black Only

    *We stock all BCY colors available except the two color materials. We can do special orders on these. Allow 7-10 days delivery time.

    Daily shipping on all orders received before 3 p.m. Arizona time.
    $5.00 USPS shipping on all orders.
    For payments just Pay Pal shootersedge@qwest.net[/SIZE]
    For Visa/Mastercard call 520-748-9297
    For any questions please email us at shootersedge@qwest.net[/SIZE][/SIZE]
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    New Colors!

    We just got in the new Flo. Purple & Flo. Yellow in both 452X, 8125 & 3D Serving material.

    Best prices & service anywhere period!:D

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    Still at 2005 Pricing!

    Check out color samples at our website www.shootersedgearchery.com
    Also, take advantage of our 2005 pricing while it last! Best prices on BCY material anywhere.