Bear Done Deal or Hoyt Avenger?

Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by bowhunter34, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. bowhunter34

    bowhunter34 Buck Slayer

    I am looking for a new bow and I am not sure if I should get a Hoyt Avenger-$549- Or the Fred Bear Done Deal-$529-?

    Please post some replys if you have tried out, own, or if you have heard anything about these bows.

  2. dbdcougar

    dbdcougar He Who Drops His Bow Arm

    Only you can answer that question. We all have our favorites and there are many fine bows on the market. Pick which one works best for you and don't worry about what any of us prefer or if it says Hoyt or Bear. The brand name kidding is all in good fun here (well mostly anyway) and not all that prevalent - which impresses about this site.

  3. swede

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    Try out both of them, then go for the one u like the most.
    I shoot the Avenger, and it is a really nice bow, quiet, and forgiving.
    I mainly shoot my Airborne 82 now, because my hoyt is a little short on the draw lenght, but i can still shoot really good with it so i plan to keep it.
    Great bow for shooting from trestands.
    only "32" in length.
    Good luck :wave: