Beginner arrows... Cedar, Al, or Carbon?

Discussion in 'Beginners Archery Range' started by SandSquid, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. SandSquid

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    Since I expect my kids will likely loose or damage lots of arrows, I don’t want to invest too much $$ on expensive arrows but at the same time don’t want them getting frustrated by shooting cr@p.

    I'm leaning towards cedar because, I am a fairly accomplished woodworker with a full woodshop, and do have some experience (back in the 80's) with hand straightening cedar shafts, and fletching, installing nocks, and piles, etc. And I think it might be a good "family activity" and good experience for the kids, to at least know how it can be done, even if they decide to go with Aluminum or Carbon shaft. (Somewhere in my various boxes of detritus I know I have a tapering tool and fletching jig…. If I can find them.)

    But with that being said I want to reiterate that I don’t want them getting frustrated by shooting cr@p.
  2. dbdcougar

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    Might as well start out on carbon. Tough arrow, just make sure they get inspected after a miss.

  3. SinGin

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    If they are shooting a compound bow I would stay away from the wood arrows. I was told since a kid that a compund would split them from the knock end.:scared: The carbon would be OK as long as they don't loose manyas is the case with my younger daughter.:frusty:
  4. Ronhop

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    I would agree.

    There are some very inexpensive carbon arrows out there. Carbon arrows are really tough. And like cougar said you just need to give them a 'bend test' if the arrow misses and hits something hard. I personally never used cedar but I never had the opportunity to shoot traditional. Maybe some day but we all have too many things going on these days...

    Good luck !

  5. SandSquid

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    Okey dokey you all (y'all) talked me into Carbon.

    Well, that's where my heart lies... right down to once upon a time carving my own Osage long bow... of course now that I'm older, married with children, my "free" time is much less ;-(