beginning left hander that needs help

Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by ken_hawk, Dec 31, 2004.

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    im a 16 year old left hander from kansas and i am trying to get into bowhunting but i don't know what kind of stuff to get(as in a bow, equiptment to make it quieter, sights, that kinda stuff). i just last year got interested in archery after i won my highschools archery contest(the upper classmen were ticked cuz i was a freshman and it was my first time with a bow, it was a compound, and i hit the bullseye most of thetime,lol). i've rifled hunted for deer since i was twelve but i wanna start bow hunting. my experience in rifle hunting and my shooting skills i hope will help me out. n e ways i would REALLY appreciate any help on gettting a bow and setting it up, as well as hunting tips. thanx.
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    The first thing you need to do is find a GOOD archery pro shop. Talk to some of the people at any nearby archery club and they will tell you who to go see.

    It is extremely important to get setup properly. If you do not, you will only get frustrated because of the lack of accuracy. Proper draw length and draw weight is crucial. Do not skimp on this part. If you have to pay $20 more to get the bow from a good pro shop, do it. You will not be sorry you did.

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    Chris is right there.

    A good proshop can help matters out tremendously for you,as well as hitting a 3d shoot to see what everyone is using preferably and what you might not want to buy for equipment persay,as well as how people are shooting,shooting forms are a great thing to look at.
    It helps to shoot with archers who are willing to devulge information to you freely,most of us here can help you with any specific questions you might have.
    So,welcome aboard and don't be afraid to ask even what might appear a simple stupid issue,sometimes those are the questions that may help us all.
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    A good trustworthy dealer is #1 talk to friends and their parents who shoot.I personally would go inexpensive or used on bow and equipment till you get a feel for what you like.Cheap doesnt always mean poor performance I currently shoot a parker hunter mag $300 bare bow and it performs well.Look for a bow with a decent axle to axle (cam axle) and a brace height of 7" or more (distance from string to hand on grip that info is in the specs. in most adds.But first find a good your location maybe someone knows of one in your area.Enjoy its great fun!!!!!!
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    As every one above has stated find a good pro shop in your area and talk to members of the local club. Now for a bit of different advice, first don't get you head set on one bow that someone else might suggest. Just like every thing else what works for one may not work for another person. When it comes to accuracy how a bow feels in you hand can be just as important as how well the bow is set up. i.e. quite a few shooters choose to shoot Mathews which is an excellant bow, but myself find the grip to wide and uncomfortable. Second being a left hander you will probably find that a pro will have to special order a bow as most don't have them in stock. Third and most important in my humble opinion is to have fun.