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Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by bullspotter, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. bullspotter

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    So is their any hard numbers that these are better nocks, I really havent seen any performance increase or tighter groops, been spending $$$$ on them for a year now and not so sure their better.... I know alot of people at out local shootin hole use them, but...... Any ideas here?????
  2. Radar

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    what kind of nocks are you talking about? SInce you said something about spending more money I was wondering if you were talking about GT pin nocks?

  3. Chris

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    We had a some staff shooters shooting them. However a couple of them have switched to easton nocks. They were having trouble getting their bows to papertune properly. They changed to super 3D nocks and the shoot bullet holes.

    The beiter was designed for finger shooters. I really don't see why people think they are better. I haven't seen that they are better.

    Now Radar posted about pin nocks. Now this is a nock that gets my attention. I'll be posting soon about some hooter shooter testing I have been doing. You will see why I like the pin nocks.
  4. srcarlso

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    I have Beiter nocks in my XJAMMERs and have been impressed so far. Hooter Shooter testing on the dozen I have proved all 12 arrows hit within 1/2" C-C of each other with no adjustments necessary!
  5. pdq 5oh

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    I use the Beiter Hunter nocks, and like them very well. The asymmetric nocks are more for finger shooters. I makes a big difference which way these are oriented. Weight, fit in the shaft, and fit on the string are all very consistent with the Bieter nocks. They're worth the money, IMO.
  6. Allen

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    It makes a HUGE difference that they are all oriented the same way.

    Funny story - The first week of league this year, my new teammate, who is a great shooter in the 50X range, was completely falling apart. Every end he had three arrows high by about 2 inches and two arrows low about the same. Every end, no X's. He was going crazy and finally decided that his brand new bow, a Martin ShadowCat, was just too critical for tension against the wall.
    He was so upset that offered to sell me his new ShadowCat for $200. Naturally I accepted on the spot, but he is one of the good guys at the club (always there for work parties or anything else we need) so I decided to check out his problem before we sealed the deal. Big mistake on my part. It turned out that he had six arrows with the asymetrical Beiter nocks. 4 had the nocks turned up and 2 had the nocks turned down. He just didn't know that they were not like other nocks and you have to turn them all one way. Of course I lost the bow, but he went on to shoot great for the rest of league.

    Now he thinks that I'm a bow genius. What he doesn't know is that I went through the same problem two weeks before he did. :biggrin1:

    The Beiter's are good nocks, but for me, they are not worth the extra money.