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    Alright. I've just gotten into archery. I've got a nameless, used to pieces compound bow that I got into it with. It belonged to someone's child or something and somehow it came into my possession. But it is time for a big girl bow, an actual bow. I have a 25" draw length and can pull 40# really easily so will probably need 50# with time. What bow should I start saving my pennies for?
    One of the most complicated things is that everyone seems to have a different opinion. Some people have told me that anything that isn't Hoyt or Bowtech isn't a bow. I've shot the Hoyt Katera and I have to say the new cam system on it feels a little jerky to me. I'm a simple kind of girl and I want to hunt with it so I'm not sure I need every last fps of speed if it means the bow is a.) unpleasant to use for a draw length as short as mine, or b.) prone to malfunction or always needing to be tuned. Then again, I don't know much about it. I just want something reliable that's easy and fun to shoot.
    Price range... well, I was really hoping to get a bow for under 400. But I'll save for longer if need be.
    What do you think? I figure if everyone has a different opinion the best thing to do is get even more opinions! :)

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    Jenni really digs her HOYT Kobalt...:rockon:

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    I really love my Mathews XT, but always willing to try something new.

    Just try before you buy! If it don't feel right to you, move on to the next one until you find one you just can't put down.

    Good Luck and :welcome:
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    Same advice I give a man, shoot as many as you can and find which one feels best to you. What all of us on here prefer is absolutely meaningless. Make sure the shops set the draw length correctly for you, that will definitely foul up your quest if that's not right. The major brands are good bows, don't worry about what the fanboys say, the name on the bow is about the least important thing you be looking at. I wouldn't worry much about tuning either, with a good set of strings bows will stay in tune until it's time to replace them. Oh, welcome. :welcome:
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    I started my wife off with a Browning Micro Midas 3. It was used, but when I sold it I did not loose any money. She has since upgraded to a Pink Hoyt Trykon (30 - 40 pound) and she shoots great with it. She really likes how short and light it is. After a little practice (shooting twice a week for a month) I took her to a 3d shoot with me and she shot a 269. The Trykon is a very nice and quick bow. Good luck.
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    Here are a couple worth looking at.

    X-Force Dream Season HF

    Micro Eclipse LT
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    At one time the choices may have been more limited but rest assured that isn't the case now. There are no limits. I would look more not at a brand but a formula that works well for short draw archers. For instance why would Tiffany sorry if I spelled the name wrong. Why would she be shooting the Mathews Prestigue. It is a good bow for short draw lengths. Bows with totally paralell limbs often don't work as well at really short lengths. A shorter draw length can enjoy shooting a shorter brace height so something like the X Force with short draw cams with light limbs would be a killing machinne for hunting. There are so many. A used or new hold over of the
    AR35 Short draw is a great bow again limbs are not as paralell and brace is shorter for better short draw power. In past years PSE also made some truly quality single cam Spyder bows. Check out it's specs on the ones with venom cams or stinger cam. In those years it had a wood grip and other quality touches it lost later. This bow has about the exact dimensions of the Prestigue I mentioned from Mathews and costs a fraction of the cash. A bow like the cybertec from 2003 would be tough to beat. You get the idea. Too many to list. Look for the formula of a bow with not quite so paralell limbs and a 6 to 6.5 inch brace height and you will get a lot out of it at shorter lengths. These bows are a little longer than the popular super short bows that sell so much but that little extra length will give accuracy. Have fun finding the one that suits you.