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  1. pelletsdefender

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    What do you think is the best breed for hunting? I have a friend with germain shorthaired pointer and he said its good for hunting birds and deer, anyone who's a hunter here? He said hunters can really be so attached to their dogs, even sacrificing their personal lives for their dogs. Are there hunters here?
  2. pred8er

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    First, :welcome:

    Second, Yes there are hunters here.

    I think it all depends on what type of hunting you are talking about. Just like there are different types of weapons for different types of game, there are different dogs. I personnally think that Labs are the most adaptable dogs. They can hunt upland birds, waterfowl, be used to track and retrieve, hunt small game like rabbits and squirrels. The list goes on.

    I have heard of hunters giving alot to save their dogs, but I have also heard about dogs giving alot to save their people.

  3. dbdcougar

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    That was my thought. What did you have in mind?
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    i got 2 brittany spaniels that were suppost to be hunting dogs but the 1 is lemon and has had 3 knee surgerys and the other is gun shy, witch sucks becase shes just a natural pointer we didnt even have to teach her.
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    First off I would do anything for my dogs. Second it depends on the type of hunting, and the environment you are in. I live in Sourthern Arizona and some very good breeds of dogs do not do well down here due to the tempetures we have.
  6. MoSkeeter0311

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    I've got 2 Bullmastiffs. Best 'coon dogs I've ever had. Never see a 'coon around my property anymore.

    No oppossums either.
  7. cboutin

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    I have 2 Brittanys 1 is a OK hunter I trained him myself that's why he just OK (we get birds every year), but he's also my buddy, in the house on the bed he go's just about most place's with me .The other was a second hand I got him from someone I think was abusing him he's very timid by he is a good boy great with my kids, he is a little on the super hyper side I just think he's like a kid that tries so hard to make people like him ,Britts. are a hyper breed I just think he is Hyper plus. They are great dogs and wouldn't trade either one
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    Any hound will do in a wide variety of game, but my top pick for bear is the Plott Hound, hands down. They are fearless and will even try to protect their owner from grizzlies. They are capable of intimidating bears many times their weight. They are fiercely loyal and make excellent pets at home as well . . . very good with kids. They are also very smart and easy to train.
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    Don't see much for tresspassers either do ya? :laugh: :laugh:
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    i grew up watching my dad train and i took it over when i got grown and on my own, we have always had springer spaniels and brittneys for field game and for field and upland and anything in between labs.i've got two now that are 7 and 4 years old and both have had hunts when they brought me more live birds bythemselves than i shot all day!it's just natural for them to push the bush.
  11. Mathews Man

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    Where I am from it Begals for rabbits(Done that for years and loved it)
    Walkers ,redbone,bluetick and my favorite Black and Tan for coon.
    German short hairs for birds.
    Labs for retriving ducks and geese.
    It all depends on your envolvement with the dog.
  12. kbohunt

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    I love 2 of them
    beagles or labs ive owned and worked and love both
    but if i had to choose the female lab is hard to beat on smarts the males are more stuborn to work with ...just like
    iv had them from sittin in ice in duck blinds
    to treein treerats
    runnin deer but awesome on flushin turkeys in the fall...have them lay still while you yelp them back for a shot.
    so thats my fav..
    and :welcome: to the forum:wave: