best game cam?

Discussion in 'Bowhunting forum' started by agdave112, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. agdave112

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    which is the best that will actually get photos of my deer without spooking them?
  2. Cablegaurd21

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    I use Stealth cam 380z? I think thats the numbers. It has a flash but doesn't spook deer at all. the only thing I don't like is the trigger speed could be faster. hope that helps.

  3. david13

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    i have a cheap 100 dollar moultree it has slow trigger speed but mine isnt on a trail or anything
  4. Cuddeback

    I have a Cuddeback "No Flash" and "Expert" They both take great pictures, but are expensive. My only gripe about the "No Flash" is the way you install the batteries is a real pain! They have to come up with something better than that!
    If you buy a cheaper camera, they take good pictures too, it's just that you have to place them where trigger speed isn't a factor. If you can legally put out bait etc. trigger speed isn't a big deal because the deer are hanging around for a while. If you put it on a trail, you will have to put it so it is looking down the trail instead of covering any deer walking past the camera where it might not get the picture fast enough. As far as having a flash or not, that is debatable. I don't feel that a flash scares them as they are used to lightening, and headlights from cars etc. I've seen deer in a open field at night during a lightening storm. They were feeding like nothing was going on. (and it was pouring rain too!) Good Luck! Jeff
  5. Dredly

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    0 (in think thats it)

    Personally I would never spend more then 100.00 on an item whose whole purpose is to basically sit on a tree and let me know whats there. I don't need to be able to count the number of hairs on his chin, I want to see his rack and how many does there are. Add in the amount of cameras stolen every year, the chances for them to get broken or busted and the amount of usage... Is there really a need for a 4+ mb digital camera or video?

    That being said the Moultiere cameras right in the 100 - 150 range are supposed to be excellent for the money and battery life. I would look closely at them.

    Everything I've read and heard about Cuddeback is "STAY AWAY!" poor service, very high price tag, and no improvement in performance over the standard 100.00 cams but they are very expensive.
  6. Cuddeback cameras

    I have'nt tried the Moultrie cameras yet but I plan to. The "Game Spy" is around $100.00 From what I've heard, they are pretty good. Except for the battery issue that I mentioned, I have been pleased with my Cuddebacks. I also like the fact that they are made in my home State of Wisconsin. I have a friend who has been using them for years and he loves them. Cuddeback makes a "bear safe" that is a lockable metal box to protect the camera from bears and from theft. Granted, is someone wants anything bad enough, they will get it one way or another. I haven't had a problem with my cameras, so I don't know how they are on service. I understand where "Dredly" is coming from, and to each his own. I am going to try a Moultrie Game Spy as my next camera to compare it to my Cuddebacks. If I find that they do the job as well, I'll stick with them. Good Luck with what ever you end up choosing. Trail cameras are a blast! It's fun when you get to check them to see whats on them. Jeff